Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL]refusal to change address previously recorded wrong.

Bill i/d [protected], book/ page [protected]/ 176
Hameed Afzal S/O Sher Afzal
House opposite Atta Chaki, near Government boys School, Village Amangarh, Nowshehra, KPK
Dear Sir,
I used to receive and pay my bills regularly before 21st may 2018 when my old meter was changed with a new meter as per SNG policy to replace all old meters. Since june I was not getting my bill and I Paid going to Nowshehra Office with a duplicate bill.
I requested the concerned staff to correct my address which has been changed since installation of new meter. I was told every time that address can not be changed.
AS i mentioned above I used to get my bill regularly since I got the connection initially.
Looks it is some clerical error.
Sir this is computer age it is matter of few key board clicks. My question is if I default and SNG does not have my correct address how will the unpaid amount be recovered. The staff states it is not allowed by Company. Kindly Make changes to this instruction it is not only in the benefit of consumer but SNG itself.
Hameed Afzal S/O Sher Afzal
House opposite Atta Chaki
Near Government Boys school
Village Amangarh

Nov 23, 2018

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