Sui Northern Gas / none presence hiring for new gas connection

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
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Respected sir/Madam
I'm Muhammad Adrees From 336 GB new sarabah p/o Toba Tek Singh, division Faisalabad.
Sir today my round in your office located in Toba Tek Singh is 15 times and 14 days coming for deposit new application for connection sui nothern gas but here your hiring officers salesman Mr. Mumtaaz khan senior supervisor sales man can't present all the time he passed own duty times different cities like Faisalabad and jhang and many others cities here many your new gase connection customer coming and gone empty hands with file go to home like me and Demean so this is very horrible situation people are more worried about this time and no any alternate person is available .
I'm 5 times seating here listen people views they are annoy here non presence.
And officially employees said Mr Mumtaaz khan is very rich man he use his own power to higher office nobody can expel and terminat him.
This is very serious situation .
Please take action really sooney so that people get ride of him.
Now we are only believe on you please solve this serious issues and give us permanent salesman who give services regularly.
If you need any information regarding I will help you my blow contact number but you please keep my name is secret.
Best Regards,

Muhammad Adrees
Toba Tek Singh

Mar 01, 2017

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