Suddenlink Communications / unethical behaviour, no service

Flint Texas, US

Today March 13, 2017 I received a text message from my wife in reference to Suddenlink pulling into our driveway at 17286 C R 1100 in Flint, Texas. My wife confronted the driver and asked him why it was OK to run lines through our property and we can't get Suddenlink after years of asking for service. Suddenlink driver began to laugh in her face and told her the house is too far. My wife was very upset and told the drivers to get off our property. Suddenllink driver then tells her he is on the easement. My wife then tells him to get his truck off our driveway. By no way is this a laughing matter, I want to get rid of AT&T internet and phone and utilize Suddenlink. So my new understanding of your company's business practices is to laugh and make fun when we ask for service, house is too far.
Sean McClanahan [protected]

Mar 13, 2017

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