Suddenlink Communicationsinternet and phone

Two separate problems with Suddenlink. For over a year I have had internet connection issues. Spent many wasted hours on the phone. Finally they sent a tech out. I was told if it was their equipment there would be no charge, o/w it's $50/hr. Tech came out, wiggled wires for 5 minutes and claimed problem solved. He refused to stay to look at the problems I had staying connected. After he left I still had the connection problems. He fixed nothing. Then I get a charge against my card for $50. When I called to dispute, I found out he put he fixed wires I messed up. SL Personnel said SL has a policy of never reversing charges no matter how egregiously wrong they are. They told me all I can do is file complaints, but they get to keep my money b/c they baselessly deemed the charge is valued. If there was an other choice in our area I would have left. Had another tech come. He said the SL box was bad and that the SL install was done improperly on the inside and outside of the house. He said he is always cleaning up other techs' mess ups.
Second unethical move of SL. Months ago I ordered a second phone line to be disconnected. They never did and kept charging $20. Supervisor of billing, named Edward, would not listen to either if these problems, was very rude and kept talking over me. I told him a have never dealt with a company that refused to look at legitimate billing issues. He barked at me not to confuse SL with other companies. No problem Edward. No way would I confused SL as an ethical company concerned with customer goodwill.

Jan 12, 2017

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