Suddenlink Communicationscharging for service you don't use after requesting disconnection

I signed up for cable on 11/12/16. I called on the phone and requested connection on that date. I was never read anything regarding policies of billing, disconnection, or anything. I called to have the service disconnected on 11/27/16, as I was unhappy with the channels I did not receive and the quality. I was told it would be disconnected. I called back again that next week after 11/27/16 to find out if it had been disconnected yet. They then stated they could not disconnect it until the end of the billing cycle, which wasn't until December 27th. I asked them why not and they proceeded then to tell me the reason was their policy states they have to let it run an entire bill cycle first.

I am NOT paying for two weeks worth of a service I did not use and asked to be disconnected. This should be considered a scam. We customers have no knowledge of this and it is just isn't right. I have agreed to pay for the first two weeks, but will not pay for the second two weeks. If this goes to collection, I will dispute it and not pay it.

I would like this policy changed. I have read review after review from customers complaining about this also. This is wrong. I also want to have an agreement from them that I can just pay for the dates of service I used up until the disconnection date of 11/27.

Jan 13, 2017

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