Suddenlink Communications / $10 dollar late charge

Greenville, NC, United States

I am a long term loyal customer, recently charged a $10 dollar late fee. Yes, my bill was a little late, but I explained to them that I tried to pay it before leaving town for the holidays and could not get on the website. I am just deeply frustrated by a steep $10 dollar late fee. The penalty fee is unreasonable. I feel cheated and taken advantage of and on top of that service costs has increased again. Seems to happen without notice. If there is notice it's in "small print" somewhere. There have been times in the past that i've gone without service for several days while waiting for resolution. I waited as long as a week one time and was never compensated for the days I did not have internet. My point is: at times we are all a human and deserve to dismiss occasional mishaps. My correspondence with sudden link about this issue has been generic, impersonable and rigid. I reluctantly paid my bill in full today including the $10 dollar late fee. I am officially discontinuing service with sudden link. Based on my most recent bill my service that has been paid in full will end on 2/13/2017. Please share my request to discontinue my service. I have emailed sudden link in greenville about this request. I just do not want another issue, late fee or issues or associated fees for stopping my service.

Mary brantley

Jan 23, 2017

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