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Suddenlink / bad service

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suddenlink is horrible. They were supposed to come out at a certain time to install my services in which they didn't show up unitl almost 2 hours later. The packages are horrible and the you can't even accept collect phone calls on the phone that you pay for every month. I called about removing the block and they told me that it was permanent. I think I should determine if I wanted a block on my phone. I'm switching to another company..

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  • Va
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    I ordered SuddenLink internet and phone service and made it VERY clear that I was about to have a baby and that whatever the service date was going to be, it needed to be reliable so it didn't leave me without a phone when I needed it most. I was ASSURED several times that the internet and phone would be installed on the same day. The installer arrived and made it perfectly clear it had little idea what he was doing being on the job for four days. He knew I expected phone service installed that day by the conversations we had as he installed the cable and decided NOT to tell me until he asked me to sign verifying installation that the phone would be ten days later. I called customer service and explained the situation and they let me know it's a problem they're having with their agents making promises, especially ones dealing with phone service, that can not possibly be completed. I was told I would receive a phone call and a rush on phone service due to my medical situation. Of course only one phone call came from a Jason, telling me that he didn't have any answers but he was SURE someone would call me back and fix the situation. No one called for days and the former cell plan I had expired leaving me with NO phone at all while waiting for SuddenLink. I still have no answers, no phone, but do have a newborn baby in a house with no access to 911. I would NEVER ever recommend. I will be getting phone service via another provider. Funny how that promise to refund my money if not completely satisfied was forgotten too. I am out the installation money, the first month of internet and phone. Someone made their commission and that's all SuddenLink seemed to care about.

  • Pe
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    Mr. Suggs -- I'm with Suddenlink. I am sorry for your bad experience. I would like to help make things right. Please email me at I'm an SVP in the corporate office. More info on who I am here:

  • Pe
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    I'm with Suddenlink Corp. HQ. More on me here: While I can't help with the collect-calling matter you noted, I would like to determine if we can assist with the other issues you mentioned. You can contact me here: Thank you.

  • Ne
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree with you about Suddenlink and it's dead-end promises. We switched from one place to another after my Grandmother passed away(we were living in Dad's guest house helping him out). Suddenlink was asked to turn off the service at the old address as soon as the new service was transferred...they did not...then wanted to charge us for BOTH bills!!! After going to their local office and DEMANDING LOUDLY that this be taken off our bill I was escorted to a seat and asked to wait for their office manager. After about 30 min. of fuming...a lady came out and said "Ohhhh...we are sorry...we double-billed you...we will give you a credit for next month" NEXT MONTH!!! If it's their mistake...why not credit the bill immediately. We work hard for our money and live month to month like most people do...GEEEEZ!!!
    Next...After being customers with Suddenlink for almost 3 yrs. we transferred up 2 mobile homes that already had Suddenlink connections and was charged another connection fee! C'mon guys...2 mobile homes up????? So much for faithful customers, huh? Then we needed a new line put in and in order to avoid a costly service call we had to add the service protection plan to our services...THAT SUCKS!!! The service Rep drilled two holes in our floor before deciding it couldn't go there and drilled again at the side of the house and ran it along our baseboard, which was was out of site...not a problem...but he left the holes wide open!!! shoudn't he had plugged those????
    Another thing...DON'T UNBUNDLE!!! We didn't need our home phone...we both have cells...all we were getting was we dropped the house phone...also hoping to lower our bill...NOPE...maybe by 29.00...WHOOOPIE! Now they charge us more for the internet/cable service as stand-alone services. make enough money off all the customers you so greatly abuse and should be ASHAMED. I think we should all get together and BOYCOTT Suddenlink alng with a peaceful demontrastion with signs for a couple of days. Anybody with me??? I'll go get the permit!!!

  • Ts
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    I pay for 8meg internet package in Amarillo Texas and on a good day I get 5, but now I get 0

    I called the 2 different #'s to 24/7 tech answer..

    Live chat worked! But the problem is not solved...
    here is the chat log:

    shronda: Welcome to Suddenlink Online Support. My name is Shronda and it is my pleasure to assist you today.
    Tony: Could you please give me a working phone number to a internet specialist in Amarillo, Texas 79109? My adderss is XXXX S. XXXXXXX XX. acct# XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    shronda: Hello Tony.
    Tony: Hello.
    shronda: Welcome to Suddenlink Online Support. My name is Shronda and it is my pleasure to assist you today.
    Tony: Could you please give me a working phone number to a internet specialist in Amarillo, Texas 79109?
    shronda: We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and we will be glad to assist you with the phone number in Amarillo.
    Tony: Thank you Shronda.
    shronda: The number will be 1-866-269-4386 in your area.
    shronda: Are there any additional services or questions that I can help you with today?
    Tony: 1-866-269-4386 does not work..
    Tony: 877-794-2724 does not work either.
    Tony: Ya have any more?
    shronda: Ok. You probably need to contact business hours between 8a-5p.
    Tony: No...supposed to be 24 hour support...??
    shronda: Welcome to Suddenlink Online Support. My name is Shronda and it is my pleasure to assist you today.
    Tony: broken record?
    shronda: Yes it is. That is strange that you are having issues calling that number. It is a working number.
    shronda: That is the only number that we have on file.
    shronda: Which is working.
    Tony: how would you define working?
    shronda: Is there anything we can help you with?
    Tony: Some sort of support maybe? None of those numbers are working.
    shronda: Ok. That will be fine.
    shronda: In order to assist you today, I will need some additional information. May I please have the city and state your services are in; the physical address, and the name on the account?
    Tony: look at our chat log shronda..??
    shronda: Yes I have.
    Tony: XXXX S. XXXXXXX St.Pretty red brick building..
    Tony: the problem all over town...
    shronda: One moment please while we check your area.
    Tony: If you are flipping through a answer "cheat sheet" and cant give me a number to a REAL TECH support...then you are not helping me any.
    Tony: I already checked the area on suddenlink's websites...say's no outage...
    shronda: One moment please while we check your area for any outages.
    shronda: Unfortunately there is no outage in your area.
    shronda: What problems are you having with your Internet service?
    Tony: problems? I pay for 8meg down and I get 2meg. sometimes 0meg
    Tony: sometimes i'm lucky and get 3meg, a hour later I get 5meg.
    shronda: We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
    Tony: Man.. that really came from the heart.
    shronda: We would suggest checking your connections from the modem and the cable line. If you have a splitter, try bypassing or replacing the splitter. Also began these troubleshooting steps without your router, hard connect your PC and modem. If the issue continues please call for more troubleshooting that we can perform on our side, with you help.

    Complete these steps:

    1. Unplug your modem and router power cord and shutdown your PC.

    2. Plug in your modem power cord

    3. Plug in your router

    4. Turn on you PC after your modem has been on for 30 seconds

    5. Connect to the internet
    Tony: Ok, now you are just pressing keys with all the are wasting my time and your time...I have done all of that...
    shronda: We are deeply sorry that you feel that way. We are here to try to help you with your Internet service.
    Tony: with COX/Suddenlink for 10+ years...downhill the whole time..
    shronda: We understand, but we are here to help you.
    Tony: I know all that troubleshooting stuf i have to do it all the time, I'm no dummy. I just need a specialist to fix whats on yOUR end.
    shronda: We do understand and we are not calling you a dummy.
    shronda: We have provided you with the Technical support number and assisted you with steps to fix your Internet service.
    shronda: We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
    Tony: the technical support number's DO NOT WORK. I call both...Press 1 for english(now I'm really mad} then...nothing
    Tony: funny part is that suddenlink is providing their own phone dont wort either!!
    shronda: We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and we do not want to lose you as a customer.
    Tony: getting nowhere..good night shronda...
    shronda: Good night.
    shronda: Are there any additional services or questions that I can help you with today?
    Tony: Good night shronda!

    shronda has exited the session.
    You are the only user left in the session.

    This was posted on my laptop because I now have no internet.

    These guys piss me off so much. I thought there was no competition for them in my area, but with their service breaking all the time...there is.

    I'm with you...Let's BOYCOTT Suddenlink.

  • Ts
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    SuddenLink, Stop spending all that money on advertising! Upgrade your infrastructure! Then advertise.

    What the hell is this Abel?

    Oh yeah, I'm loving my DSL from AT&T! It actually works!

  • Za
      3rd of Sep, 2010
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    Just cancel Suddenlink after only four days of service. Technician showed up 2 1/2 hours late, At first they told me that I was signing up for 200 channels package...wrong up to 200 channels, I was only getting 72...then technician didn't install something right on my phone and had to come out two days later to fix it he was schedule for 6-8 pm came out at 1:25 saw my truck in the drive way and just drove off I saw him on my security camera. I called customer service at 8:45 and they told me that he was there and no one came to the door which he never knock on rang the bell. Then they wanted me to wait between 11-5 next Saturday for the same technician and I just had it and cancel the service. I never have had such of bad experience with any company in such of short amount of days. Never will recommend them to anyone.

  • Su
      7th of Sep, 2010
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    My name is Tina and I am with Suddenlink. I would like to extend my sincere apologies for your recent experience trying to get your new services installed. The experience you have described above is quite troublesome to hear. I would like to investigate this further to find out what may have transpired and prevent this type of situation from occuring again. If you would be willing, I would greatly appreciate a quick email with the name and address of the account you opened so I can look into these issues. My email address is tina-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Again, I am very sorry for this experience - and if you do ever consider our service in the future, please feel free to contact me directly for assistance.

  • Ta
      11th of Jun, 2012
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    Pay $120/month for horrible service. After the digital conversion my channels have been scrambled and unwatchable half the time... Getting ripped off and need to drop them. Also, their mommies, daddies, uncles, grannnnnies commercial needs to go away. Most annoying commercial EVER! Stop making horrible commercials and fix your terrible service!

  • Ja
      28th of Dec, 2012
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    I am also paying $130 a month for HORRIBLE service. From day one this company has been the worst. They did not hook something up right and my internet, cable and phone only worked for approximately half an hour before it went back out. I had to wait for another person to come out and fix it. We got tired of waiting so my husband figured out what was wrong and fixed it himself, even though we had to pay suddenlink for this service. Then, I have to call constantly because it seems like one of my services is always out. I just got off the phone with a guy that told me, he showed my internet was working fine. I told him I could assure him it was not and as I was talking to him, my phone service went out AGAIN. Thank God, my cell service is not with suddenlink. The last time I called in the person on the phone asked me for the last four of my SSN. When I gave it to him he said that was not the right answer, so I gave my husbands last four. I was told to try again, it's only my husband and I in the house, it had to be one or the other. I was told he could not help me because I did not have the proper last four of the SSN. I told him they must have put it in their system wrong because after 21 years in the Military, I think I know the last four of my SSN and my husbands SSN. I asked him how I get this problem fixed since I have to call in so much and I was told I have to go to the office and have it fixed. I have never had to deal with a company that has such horrible service and such horrible customer service. I would have canceled all my services with suddenlink but for whatever reason, my husband wants to keep suddenlink. But after tonight, either he cancels the service or our house is going to have two providers for everything because I am tired of calling to get my service fixed when I am paying so much. FRONTIER NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD!!!

  • Sd
      31st of Dec, 2012
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    Hi Jamiecrawford- My name is Shannon and I am with Suddenlink. I am very sorry to hear you are having trouble with your services and would be happy to work with Senior Management in your area to resolve these issues for you. Please feel free to email me directly at shannon-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you.

  • Va
      24th of Sep, 2015
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    My name is Valeria today I had two Suddenlink technicians come out to my house because I did not have any internet service, and this is not the first time that Suddenlink has been out to my house. I think that on an average month I am in touch with Suddenlink back and forth about my lack of internet I would say about 3 to 4 times during a month. When these two technicians came out to my house I was sitting down watching my TV and let me say that I do not have Suddenlink for my cable. While the tech were there my cable went out I asked them if they did any think to the wires because they did have to rewire my cables, they assured me that they did not. So I called my dish agent and had a technician come out the next day and check my services, the technicians found that the Suddenlink technicians had disconnected my cable, when I found this out and called in to the head dispatcher he said that they had the right to disconnect my cables because they were running through the Suddenlink box but I have had dish for two years and as I have stated before this is not the first time that Suddenlink had been called to my house, he as much as said that if I had Suddenlink cable that I would not have this problem and I informed him that I was a Suddenlink customer for 15 years sand because of high billing and lack of channels that is why I am no longer with Suddenlink today. I am at a point where it is time for me to find another Internet provider because Suddenlink pulled some shady crap on me.

  • Su
      25th of Sep, 2015
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    Hi Valeria - My name is Kacie, and I'm with Suddenlink. We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing issues with your Internet service, and apologize that your recent experience with our technicians was less than exceptional. We'd be happy to help you with any issues. Please feel free to email us directly with your service address, and please reference your post here. Our email address is socialsupport-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you, -Kacie

  • Va
      5th of Oct, 2015
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    This is my second message up here, I live in Rocky Mount and I was a Suddenlink user for the past 10 years it was about a year ago that I decided to drop Suddenlink and switch to Direct Tv because Suddenlink had dropped so many of the popular networks. I have not had any trouble wit Suddenlink I actually was still using Suddenlink as my Internet provider, but about two weeks ago I was experiencing some internet problems and had to call Suddenlink out, the technicians came out did the repairs and in the process they cut my cable lines for my direct Tv. When I called Direct out to see what the problem was because I didn't know because I asked Suddenlink while they were still in my home did they disconnect any of my cable lines maybe by accident and they assured me that they did not. So when Direct TV came out the next day and checked my lines they told me that my lines were disconnected, so I called Suddenlink to see what was going on, they told me that the lines were not suppose to be running through the box because it belongs to Suddenlink, of I can understand but I wanted to know why the Tech just lied about cutting the lines, they could not answer that part but said he would check into it and get back with me. I did not hear from him but when I got off work the next day I had no cable Suddenlink came back out and this time they cut the lines and locked the box, when I called Direct they sent a tech out to break the lock and remove my lines out of the box and but them underground. To my surprise, a week had passed and no problem until this past Saturday they came back out cut the lines again and buried the lines back in the ground. I have asked several of my neighbors and they are having the same problems it seems that Suddenlink is not to happy with losing customers so they are acting like some 5-year-old children and are going around town just cutting Direct and Dish network customers lines. If Suddenlink got a problem with Direct taking their customers do they think that this is how they will get them back, I don't think so. It is time for me to find me a new Internet service

  • Su
      7th of Oct, 2015
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    Hi Valeria - Kacie with Suddenlink here. Please feel free to email us directly at the address provided above if there's anything we can do to help. Thank you, -Kacie

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