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Suddenlink / lost payment

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I have HAD it with Suddenlink!!!
Every month I sit at my computer (internet service compliments of Verizon DSL because I grew tired of Suddenlink's sudden drops and sudden disconnects and sudden downtime) and pay my bills on the 6th or 7th of the month and then again on the 23rd or 24th of the month. In September I somehow skipped Suddenlink among the list of bills that I pay using my bank's online bill paying service so on October 7th, when I noticed this, I submitted a double payment. I called Suddenlink, told them what had happened, asked if there would be a problem and I was assured there wouldn't be. The person I spoke with extended my payment due date to the 17th and that was that or so I thought.
Yesterday my husband informed me that he received a rather rude call from a woman at Suddenlink informing him that our service would be terminated due to lack of payment. When I came home from work and found out about this (at 9:45pm) I immediately called my bank to find out what happened to this payment. According to their records, the check (which had already been debited from my checking account) was physically sent on the 8th but hadn't been cashed. They opened a case file on this and should have an answer for me within ten business days. They also stated they would be calling Suddenlink as part of their investigation. This morning I called Suddenlink to let them know what was going on and to find out what I should do. I was informed that if I put a stop payment order in (as my bank had offered to) and they deposited the check I would be charged $25. I was also informed that I've been sending my payment to the wrong address and that is probably why they haven't received the payment. I've been sending it to the same address ever since I added them to my bill pay service and every OTHER payment was received. I made ANOTHER payment to them for $44.30 using my credit card while I was on the phone. I was told that my service (which HADN'T been disconnected) would be restored by the end of the day.
So now, according to my records and the amounts taken out of my checking account, I've paid for September, October and November and I am being charged a $4.75 late fee. I have added a new listing for Suddenlink to my bill pay using PO Box 660365 rater than 660369 (both of which are Suddenlink addresses in Dallas) and I have no idea as to what to do regarding the $88.60 that Suddenlink can not locate and I can not stop payment on.

And to SVP Pete Abel in the corporate office, I've noticed your name on the many message boards I've read with regard to complaints about Suddenlink so this is written especially for you. I will also be e-mailing it to you as that seems to be your standard response to every complaint I have read.
Here is a summary of payments sent, posted, amount and the time it took to process over the past few months:
Payment Sent 03/24/2008 - Payment Posted 04/02/2008 $40.71 (7 days)
Payment Sent 04/24/2008 - Payment Posted 05/02/2008 $44.30 (8 days)
Payment Sent 05/07/2008 - Payment Posted 05/14/2008 $44.30 (7 days)
Payment Sent 06/06/2008 - Payment Posted 06/18/2008 $44.30 (10 days)
Payment Sent 07/07/2008 - Payment Posted 07/14/2008 $44.30 (7 days)
Payment Sent 08/08/2008 - Payment Posted 08/18/2008 $44.30 (10 days)
Payment Skipped 09/2008
Payment Sent 10/07/2008 - Payment NOT Posted $88.60
Payment Made Via Phone 10/21/2008 $44.30
The above record is the exact reason I use the bill paying feature offered by my bank. It gives me the ability to keep track of everything on one page rather than having to go to each business' website and pay my bills that way. I completely admit that I made an error in September however I do not appreciate your company's representative calling my home yesterday and treating my husband the way in which she did on his day off. We are not deadbeats, I simply made a mistake. Had she looked at the payment history on our account she would have noticed that and retracted her claws.
If you do personally respond to my e-mail please include any satellite company that Suddenlink holds shares in so I know which one to avoid when I make the switch at the end of the year.

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      24th of Oct, 2008
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    I received and responded to your Oct. 22 email to me, but didn't hear back from you. I am very sorry for the troubles you've experienced and would like to help, but first need the following information: Name on the account, and either address on the account or account number.

    Do let me know that information and we'll get right on this. You can email me at


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