Sucuri Security / Please look into the matter

Am I the only one having issues with customer support for a free version? Whatever their representatives say (for example that you don't need to pay for anything, that a free version will protect you without any additional purchasing), the free version is kinda useless, doesn't do much and won't help if something serious happens. And if you really have attacks and viruses on your website, the plugin won't show it. I have checked it.
What's more interesting, their customer service for a free version is not very talkative and communicable. Maybe it's done on purpose, maybe they are always like this, but I'm sure if I had bought one of their expensive plans, they would have replied pretty fast.
I can understand it. Why would they want to support people who don't even pay?
But if everything was ok, if they answered me more often and faster, I would buy it. It seems that it should work that way, shouldn't it?
So don't bother using this plugin, they won't help if something goes wrong.

May 16, 2018

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