Sucuri Security / I will never do business with them again

I couldn't save the settings in the scan configuration page. A small window popped up asking to wait for several seconds, but I had to wait for more. In most cases without any result. I must say, that my server is not big enough not to handle sucuri security.
The second problem implied by the previous one. I contacted customer support to resolve my issues with settings. In my honest opinion, the mark of a good company is how fast they reply when things go wrong, so I must confess they disappointed me.
It was a struggle to reach them, no one ever picked up. Even though I bought a 4hr plan and a good and fast service was guaranteed. Well, it was a lie.
I sent them an email and described the issue in details ten days ago, and sent a similar one yesterday. No response.
Now I'm infuriated, frustrated and I don't understand their reasons not to answer. All I want now is to get my money back. I don't know how though.
After this, I will stop using their glitchy plugin and will find a different and cheaper way to protect my website.

  • Sucuri Security Customer Care's Response, Jul 26, 2018

    Hi Thomas,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble your having. Please reach out to me so we can assist in getting things resolved. [protected]

    A few things I am concerned about.
    1) our product does not sit on your server and does not require a plugin so no server side resources should be used.
    2) we do offer a free plugin for wordpress but it is free and we do not offer support for it through the site only at

    if you could reach out so we can set up a time to discuss that would be fantastic!

    Joshua Hammer
    Sales Operations Manager

Apr 21, 2018

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