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We have been a customer of Suburban Propane for roughly five years. Previous to being called Suburban Propane, they were known in our area as Tru-Gas. Our first major problem with them was about 3 years ago. We had been on a "keep fill" service for a couple of years. And then suddenly we weren't. Our tank went empty and when we called them, they claimed we never were on the "keep fill". They charged us $50 to come out and do some sort of test before they would put the gas into the tank. And while there, the driver commented that he wondered why we were taken off of his route; confirming that we had been on the "keep fill." In addition to that, I believe we were also charged an emergency "trip charge." Since then, we've been monitoring the tank level and calling every time we needed gas. A month ago, the woman at the local office told us we were being put back on the "keep fill" (which we supposedly were never on right?). She said we would be added to the regular route again. Over the weekend we were talking about how cold it's been, so just out of curiosity we took a look at the level in the tank. It was at ZERO. My fiance called and was told we would have to pay $175 in addition to the price of the gas for an emergency trip charge. He explained that we are on the "keep fill" service and therefore it was not our fault that the tank ran out. The person he spoke to argued with him and said he showed no record of us ever being on "keep fill". But he said they would come. Nobody ever came out or called us. So this morning he called again and spoke to "Gary" who said he was the manager. Gary made no apologies and insisted that an application had been submitted to put us on "keep fill" but it had never been approved. My fiance explained that we had never filled out an application, that we were simply told we were being put back on. Gary continued to argue and then informed my fiance that if we wanted them to come out we would be expected to pay $50 for a trip charge AND now we had a minimum amount we had to buy. So, he said someone had to be there with a check for over $550 in hand. We have NEVER been informed of a minimum order. We have NEVER been informed when we were taken off the "keep fill" service. This is nothing more than a huge racket to steal money from us. The people at the local office lye, cheat, steal and behave with general rudeness and incompetance. There is clearly either a total lack of communication or a bunch of people conspiring to steal from us with bogus charges. On a side note, our neighborhood recently got natural gas and we were one of the few homes that didn't switch over. Considering how many customers they lost, you would think we would be treated a lot better than this. If nothing is done about this, for whatever it costs, we plan to have the tank taken away and switch to their competitor in West Salem. And I also plan on reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. I'm furious. My name is Elizabeth Arihood and my email is elizabeth.[protected] Our address is: N3684 Scenic Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601. Our account is under my fiance's name Eric Neuman.

Feb 16, 2015
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  •   Feb 16, 2015

    That's why they are putting the screws to you in an attempt to bring their bottom line up. Hope there are other companies to do business with. Check in to how much it will cost to get a natural gas conversion, sounds like it will cost less than all the extra charges you are incurring now.

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