C Nov 19, 2017

I purchased a dress from them in early October, 2017. Transaction # 9PH71512KG086061K. StyleWe says on its website that returns are easy, I would have to pay the shipping myself but does not mention that returns have to be shipped to China.
I understood that would be no problem because I had paid $12 for expedited shipping to receive the item.
The dress was not right. I contacted StyleWe within 24 hours of receiving the product and received an email from them basically telling me not to bother as it would cost me way too much money to return the item to China and it could get held up for a long time in customs, incurring more charges. Instead, they offered for me to keep the dress and they would refund me 15% of the cost.
I made a complaint to PayPal.
After several emails back and forth between myself and StyleWE, they offered to refund me 20% of the item's cost.
Meanwhile, I discovered that not only had there been many similar complaints about the StyleWe but they actually do have a distribution center in the US! I told StyleWe that I knew this and their answer was that I could only return an item to their US center if I was a repeat customer.
(Who would be repeat customer with this treatment?!).
I followed up with my PayPal complaint. Finally, I received a notice on PayPal that they would refund the item if I would return it to China! They also required that I provide them with tracking. I discovered that it would cost me over $60 to return the item and USPS does not track outside of the US. I also discovered that other customers with similar experiences had been told by StyleWE that their package had never arrived.
At that point, I called PayPal and spoke with a customer service representative.
They are looking into this for me.
This is the worst shopping experience of my life!

  • Updated by Christine Newman · Nov 19, 2017

    StyleWE are not in the US but Mainland China. They DO have a distribution center in the US (NJ) but refuse to accept returns there unless you are a regular customer. Who would be a regular customer with this kind of scam!

  • StyleWe Customer Care's Response · Nov 28, 2017

    Sorry for your unsatisfied. Please noted that we never have a return center located in NJ. The address on the package is just one of the shipping carrier . So it is not our return center . We have sent you reply by email on Oct 15. Please check your email later .

  • Updated by Christine Newman · Nov 28, 2017

    Stylewe is lying about having no return center in the US. Style DOES have a center for returns in the US. They allowed my friend to return to that location. We think it is because she had ordered more than one item and therefore became a "member". In an email from their customer service "
    "We have a very exclusive membership here. Customers can return produsts when they become our member.
    But sorry that you're not member level currently. So we are not able to provide a US return address."

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