Stubhub / stubhub can arbitrarily charge sellers additional fees if there is a ticket issue

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I sold a pair of tickets on Stubhub for a concert that was rescheduled. My vendor told me that the original tickets were still valid so I did not worry about it. The tickets actually got reissued and the buyer could not use my original tickets at the gate. Stubhub never contacted me regarding this and ended up charging my CC the value of the tickets. If I was made aware of this, I could have called my vendor and this issue would have been resolved at the gate, but Stubhub did not bother to go this route. Since I cannot be told of what happened next, I can only guess that Stubhub purchased another pair of tickets that is had listed and provided them to the buyer. By going this route, Stubhub would collect an additional 15% seller commission fee. If Stubhub called me, this would have been all sorted out at the gate (of course, no additional commission fee for Stubhub).

A few weeks later, Stubhub charged me an additional $200 as an "inconvenience" fee for the buyer. I have no idea where the $200 number came from, but this was the amount charged to my CC. Stubhub can charge whatever amount they feel like and charge this amount to the seller. Since there are no limits in place, this type of policy unfairly favors the buyer. What happens if Stubhub decided to give the buyer $1000 or $10000? My CC just gets charged and that would be the end of the story. If a company is going to have such biased policy, limits need to me made and terms need to be clearly stated. The shady part about this is that the $200 is a just "store credit" the buyer receives. If the buyer never uses the credit, Stubhub basically makes a free $200 (at my expense). With the credit, Stubhub is forcing more business to itself so it can collect the outrageous 25% commission for a new ticket sale. Sellers watchout!!

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      Jan 09, 2012

    StubHub is terrible and their fees are ridiculous. I'm so happy I found a solution just going through craigslist and using for security. 6% in fees is a lot better than 25+%.

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