Structubeworst customer service ever... unprofessional and unethical.

My husband and I recently purchased three chairs and two ottomans from the Kingston, Ontario Structube store.
Two of the chairs that we wanted were identical, but when placing the order we were advised that there was only one chair available in their storage facility. They did offer, however to sell us the floor model. After viewing the floor model we agreed to this arrangement, but only on the basis that there would be a discount for the floor model, as it had some scuffs on it, and there was a sharp object (likely a nail) poking at the back of the fabric. The store manager, Natalie, assured me that there would be a discount ranging from 10 - 50%, once she spoke with her manager, and given the state of the chair, she was going to recommend 50%. On the strength of her assertions, we agreed to purchase the remaining items.

The next day, we were contacted by the manager, to advise that they would provide a discount of 5%. We contacted them to advise that we were not impressed, as we had already received their position of 10 - 50%, on which we decided to order the other chair. After significant discussion, it was eventually offered to us at 10%. We considered their behaviour to be unethical and called them on it, and should have cancelled the whole order then, but decided to proceed.

We were given a delivery date of the following Monday and were told that we would be contacted on that date to arrange for delivery. On Monday afternoon at 5:30, we still had not heard from the store, and contacted them to find out if there was a problem. We were advised that another store had tried to obtain the chair that we had ordered for their showroom, but had, as of Friday, advised the Kingston store that they were going to "let us have it". As a result, none of our order had been shipped, delaying it a further week. When questioned why we had not been contacted to advise that the order was delayed, we were told that "part of our order had come in" and given the additional explanation above. They also advised that they had "just found out" about the problem. This was obviously untrue, having just told us that they knew about the problem at least as of the Friday before. Further, where was the rest of the order?! And as for the part that had come in... that was the floor model that we purchased that had never left the store.

When the furniture finally arrived, we were advised that we needed to pay the driver's $60 CASH at the door. This is very sketchy and raises the question as to whether a reputable business is doing the delivery. The delivery men tried to force the large chair down our staircase, until we advised that they would need to take it in the backdoor. They then decided that the box would not fit through that door, either, and were going to leave it in our backyard!!! They also refused to take the item out of the box, which would easily allowed it to be carried in. Ultimately, after being advised that this was not acceptable, lo and behold, the box suddenly fit through the doorframe.

The worst issue, however, occurred after we opened the furniture. One of the chairs has metal legs, to which rubber caps are affixed, both to level the chair and to ensure that it does not damage your floor. We had just finished installing new wood floors in our home, so we were upset to find that two of the caps were missing from one chair. We contacted the store to advise them of the problem and were dismissively told that we would need to take picture, email the company with a copy of our receipt and they would deal with it. The store in Kingston washed their hands of all responsibility for having sold us a defective product.

Not taking this as a reasonable reply, we then attended at the store and asked to speak with the manager. We explained that we felt that this should be the responsibility of the store to rectify the issue and obtain the parts. As is, the chair was unusable on our new floors, both because it would permanently damage the wood, but also the chair was not level (rocking). The manager, Natalie, actually told us that this "was not a big deal" and that were making a "big deal out of nothing". She suggested that we wrap a piece of cloth around the legs. When challenged (always ina respectful, level tone) as to why this was unacceptable, she became angry and hostile, raised her voice and suggested that she was "uncomfortable" speaking to us. We thanked her for her time and left, only to be called " a joke" as we walked away. She also refused to provide her name, when asked. An associate advised us after the fact. Her behaviour was grossly inappropriate and the fact that she stooped to namecalling was unbelievable.

Upon returning home, we received a voice message from Natalie that she had located two missing feet that they would provide. Too little, too late. The behaviour of the staff was the most dismissive, unethical and unprofessional that we have ever encountered.

May 10, 2017

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