Straight Talk Wireless / data usage throttling

I have been a straight customer for over 2 years. Almost every month, my high speed data would be slowed to worse than dial up speed. I decided that maybe there was fine print that i had missed with the 45.00 a month plan so i switched last month to the 55 dollar a month plan so i could have more data per month (10gb). Yesterday, I reached 8.74 gb and it was slowed because i had supposabley reached my limit. Upon further investigation, i discovered straight talk is under a law suit through the Federal Trade Commission because it has done this to so many people. I will be filing with them today. The company rips people off, and 90% of the people that work there dont speak english. I would strongly reccomend everyone else who has this problem to contact the Federal Trade Commission.

Mar 27, 2017

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