Straight Talk Wireless / data deprioritization

Ok. I've been with straight talk for about 6 weeks on the so-called "truly unlimited" plan. About half the time, mainly on weekends and evenings, my high-speed data suddenly slows all the way down to turtle speed data. I mean, I know about network deprioritization and all, but why must we get punished for using the data like you all advertise it can be used as. I paid for unlimited data, not unlimited data so long as you don't use too much or we'll slow you way down. You guys need to get y'all's [censored] straight. Either get it right, change the advertisements, or i'm suing y'all for a full refund of what I paid this far. It's y'all's fault, not mine. Misleading, not staffing the right personnel, basically stealing money right from under our noses

May 28, 2018

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