Stetic dental and implants / Dental tourism


This has to be the worst dental offices on the planet. They give a bad name to medical tourism becuase the worst outcome happened despite the research I did. What I didn't do was call about the credential of the impressive dentist who taught at Texas dental school. nNOT found! Then my liaison quit and failed to tell me in our phone call, probably becuase he expect payment commission, that they were running out of sizes. I also got an infection. But what makes this so ba dis that after a year of the owner playing games, he lied nice more. He made me take off negative posts for the promise of compensation for my damages, due to malpractice, and then treated me like dirt and lied consistently. He's sick and nasty and as someone else posted, a crook. When I was alerted to peters post regarding his problems they lied about having a patient with tha tpeocedure and said it was planted by a competitor. Don't be sucked in, they should be put out of business.

Mar 21, 2013

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