Stearns & FosterReturn policy

I purchased a mattress and Box springs totally $1765.77 on 9-29-14. Went back the day after delivery of mattress and was given an exchange as it was like sleeping on a ROCK. Also was told that it took 6+ wks. to break the mattress in. That is unheard of of. I assume that is why the manager gave me the exchange, since that was not revealed to me at time of purchase. The 2nd one is way to soft. I was told, by the manager, it would not get any softer but in less than 2 mos., I sink in the bed. I weigh 115 lbs. I had no choice but to exchange for a mattress meeting the same price bcuz after buying it, I read that there were no returns of ANY kind w/beds.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Palmdale, CA I have been diagnosed w/severe medical problems (hips) and the right thing is to return said bed as it is very detrimental for my body. I was lied to and in no way did I know there was no return policy on beds. I would not have bought a bed that I could not return, if after less thn 2mos, I can't sleep on it w/o suffering grave consequences to my body. Not only is this unfair but to charge for delivery of $80.00 on a &1700.00+ purchase is unheard of. I have gone back and talked to the manager and he said he could not help me in any way. It should be posted that there are no returns on beds. No other companies that I have dealt with, have this policy. As long as the bed is not stained and or damaged in any way, you have at least 60 days to return a bed. This is unjust as they do not make the customer aware of that fact prior to buying a bed. I would of returned it the 1rst time if I had that option.

Dec 22, 2014

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