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Solon, OH, United States Review updated:

I had purchased SF Luxury #2 European Pillow top mattress and adjustable base from JCP couple years ago. When I was a Home Field Leader for the Company. I trained for 30 locations and know every detail about this mattress and others. (Trained with reps and facilitated training meetings for managers and employees to sell your product.
After I purchased it sunk on both sides. I weigh 150 lbs. I also bought Sonya Leigh for spare room and never used. last fall I decided I could not sleep on sunken bed so I used Sonya Leigh. It sunk in 4 weeks on both sides with middle of bed up high. So I returned and got another, put in spare room again. Now I have been waiting for replacement of Luxury #2 European Pillow top so I again used new mattress while waiting and in 5 weeks completely sunk on both sides.
I had originally purchased Stearns and Foster in 2003, and it was reversible, bought most expensive one made. I had nine years, never sank on either side. Thus I loved the brand. Sold to every customer while at JCP and really pushed with managers and sales associates.

Sadly I cannot believe these now sink in 5 weeks time so much so you do not roll out of the hole. Paying thousands for something that has serious issues. No I have not even used the adjustable base. So in one year time 4 mattresses with JCP. When I spoke with a rep from stearns and foster a year ago, she said I had to go through JCP. So I did. Now after $200 protection plans and 4 sets of mattresses I feel they eed to do something to make this right. I have read every complaint on line all say they will do nothing. That will not work for me. And I am not going to play with measurements. Already accrued over $800 in chiropractic charges, not to mention rediculous bad deliveries on the part of JCP where 3 sets of mattresses were damaged during delivery.
I refuse to sleep on today's delivery as I know it will do the same as the prior 4-5 weeks. I have been a District Manager for 30 years. I have tracked all steps of this journey. A company who would not do right after 4 mattress issues of the same thing will be a issue in itself.
Do not refer me back to JCP. Quality issue is not their issue. And 4 sets of mattresses in a years time are enough.

Stearns and Foster

Jul 25, 2018
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      19th of Mar, 2019

    I wish I read these complaints but like you I had a TRUE S&F from 20 plus years ago when it was made by Stearns & Foster. This was before the Sealy buy out and well before the Tempur-Pedic buy out. I rotated it on schedule and it treated us great. So now it's time for a new mattress and I buy the best S&F have to offer, the King Stearns & Foster Reserve No. 2 Luxury Firm Euro Pillow Top Mattress, paid almost 6 grand and it is GARBAGE!!! We've had it for just 2 months and it is HORRIBLE! We are 195lb male and 115lb female and it is SAGGING. I wake up in more pain then I go to be with! On hold right now to replace it with another brand as I purchased through US Mattress and i'm within their 120 sleep night guarantee...

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