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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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I was late paying a bill due to being away. Paid immediately on return and still not reconnected. Another 'lost' week which has been paid for.
When I moved apartment the salesperson started a new account rather than move the existing account. For three months I have been double billed for two accounts. When I moved it took a further 7 weeks to have the router correctly configured.
The service is a complete joke. The worst I have experienced...
The irony is their behavior is Haram - not in line with Shariah principles.
Call them - the line is either busy or they do not pick up. Go to their www to see their Complaints Policy - the URL link takes you to their internal audit governance document.
Staggeringly incompetent bunch of thieves. And I have said that to their face. One last point - they have Saudized the business (let go of all of the foreign people that used to have half an idea what they were doing...) and replaced them with locals who a) can't speak English b) have no clue what they are doing and c) have no idea how to treat customers. It's just not in their DNA...

Jan 19, 2017

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