STCabout our bill payment statement

we are asking for our bill payment statement since one year we want to clarify our accounts.
and we asked your people if we can pay part of the bill cuz you people are not willing to give our payment statement they said we can. So did we, and later on they cut our line again we called to make sure, they returned the line again two days after they cut the line again we called they returned the line so finally when we called for the third time the employee said if your bill is less than 2000 we can't return the line because if its more than 2000 and they returned the line the system will automatically cut your line.
Good so we paid 3/4 of our bill because our CEO HRH princesses told us not to pay the whole bill unless we receive a BILL PAYMENT STATEMENT and today we were surprised by the employee who received our call to say he cant return us our line unless we pay the whole amount we need our company to run its business so kindly find us a solution or Give us a statement ...

May 13, 2017

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