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Hey i am watching ishqbaaz from the very 1st episode... in Episode no 2 (28 jun 2016) showing that Anika is a good cook who organized food for tasty food for the oberoi family function. Episode no 8 (4th jul 2016) anika gets contract to manage college canteen becoz of her great cooking abilities. Anikas character has always been a good cook but why after shivay and anikas marraige the director or script writers are showing anika a bad cook or who can't cook at all or doesn't know anything about cooking?????? Why such a bad script??? Plz maintain the story at least.

Ishqbaaz is day by day turning to a nonsense serial becoz of such bad storyline & bad writers.

Jan 8, 2017
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  • An
      16th of Feb, 2017

    Kindly please change Ishqbaaz drama timing again to 7pm. I love to watch this family drama of Anika and Shivaya on this drama.
    I hope please kindly stay back to the original time so that i can rush home after my hospital work to home so that at 7pm i can watch Ishqbaaz.

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  • Ya
      31st of May, 2017

    please DO NOT take Anika off Ishqbaaz it WELL be WORST mistake in you'll ever in your whole life. She suites her character and if someones takes her place everyone in New Zealand will not watch this show anymore!!!

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  • Cr
      18th of Feb, 2018

    The show makes no sense at all. Disorganized plot (if we can even call it a 'plot'), and terrible planning has turned this show into an utter joke. It is completely obvious that they try and pad the screen time with switching facial shots of characters, which would lead them to pay actors less, in return for an easy way to fill up the 30 minute slot.

    The directing has made the actors look like they have an IQ of someone who is mentally challenged. You are dealing with the supposed-to-be top businessman of India, and his intellect based on his decision making, is not representative of a tenacious business tycoon.

    Characters do not learn from their mistakes and repeat them, and why on earth, has the Oberoi mansion turned into a refugee camp for any new member who passes by the city, where the grandma says "You are welcome to stay as long as you wish". Does she not realize that inviting new people into her household has only caused chaos??

    This show should receive a warning, and I wouldn't be surprised if it already has, for lack of content, and whatever content is shown, is of abysmal quality. Fix up your show, stop wasting screen time by showing multiple shots of faces, and evolve this plot into something that even children stop criticizing it.

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