Staplestoo many false positives when doing a search on a company and complaints

Ok, here's my complaint. It's this frakkin web site. I do a search on my employer... Staples... And not only am I getting results from staples complains, but cross posts where staples is not listed in the subject line, but in the text of the posts, and lastly, folks complaining about staples found in the furniture.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Charlotte, NC
Not only that, but the sorting parameters suck as well. Do it by date, and it's not in a date order, at least with regards to the replies made to the original complaints.
All in all, this site does a decent job in allowing customers to vent, but with regards to the search parameters, it's got the same type of validity of drunken sailor on shore leave... (No offense to you folks in or were in the usn :))

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