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Stanford Hospital & Clinics / Lack of compassion of Stanford hospital staff

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I would have to agree with Mrs. Victim regarding the complete indifference and lack of compassion of Stanford hospital staff. As my father lay dying in the cancer unit, a letter was placed on his food tray ordering him to vacate due to his insurance coverage running out. The hospital was found to be in error and it didn't help that he died just a couple of days later. On another occasion my 4 year old waited with a badly broken arm for over 4 hours in the emergency room then waited another 4 hours in a treatment room for the doctor to finish her leisurely dinner in Woodside (according to staff). My final visit to Stanford involved a suspected detached retina which involved an over zealous intern scratching my eye so badly during the exam that it took the eye almost two years to heal. The indifferent doctor on call proceeded with more painful and blinding eye tests that probably worsened the intern inflicted corneal abrasion. I was found not to have a detached retina but left with a long term eye injury.

Being a bay area resident I should have known better than to risk my family's health at Stanford. It is legendary for it's questionable care and cold blooded medical staff. Patient beware!

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  • Ol
      5th of Mar, 2007
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    I am also a user of this product. I've been using it since October 2006 and i'm very satisfied with the product. In fact, the odour is actually the ozone smell. It can dissolve any unpleasant odour in the room including cigarette smell. And from my knowledge if it emits more then 0.10 ozone then it's not safe for the health. While this machine emits 0.06 of ozone, on the safe zone and it's beneficial to health.

    And about the pyramid scheme thing, it think it's just a MLM company and openly they state their marketing plans in their homepage. From my point of view, if it's not for MLM, the product wouldn't have reach to so many places in the world and i wouldn't have benefited from it.

    Last but not least, from the bottom of my heart, i really want to thank whoever have created this product, as my parents have really benefited from using it. They have alot of old age sickness high blood pressure, blockages, diabetes. The major ones my mum is facing is kidney problem. Every week she has to inject live hormones and it cost alot. After using it everything has improve.

    Sorry i'm too carried away with my testimonials. Well, I just want to explain what my family have benefited after using it. Maybe there's a misunderstanding between grandsun and u...
    Please don't get me wrong as i'm not on either side, i'm just stating my point of view.

  • Be
      21st of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Reading the statement made by the woman who had Mohs surgery preformed by Dr Gladstone at Stanford Derm Clinic the first thought that sprang to mind was 'some village somewhere is missing their idiot'.

    I myself have had SEVERAL procedures preformed by Dr Gladstone, and know several people personally whose lives have been changed thanks Dr Gladstone skills. I am MORE than pleased with the results, and am immensely grateful for the care and companion extended to me by Dr Gladstone AND HIS STAFF.

    Before you make accusations slandering someone reputation it would be advisable to have your facts corrects. If you had bothered to research your Mohs surgeon as I did, you would have found that Dr Gladstone is NO ' mere dermatologist', but a DERMATOLOGICAL SURGEON... He is Board certified in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, as well as head and neck Surgeon and dermatology, but he is NOT a DERMATOLOGIST.

    Dr Gladstone is coincided one of the best Mohs surgeons in the world, among numerous awards he is also the recipient of THE TROMOVITCH AWARD by the MOHS SURGERY COLLEGE and is the DIRECTOR OF THE ADVANCE COSMETIC SURGERY COURSE.

    More often or not a person doesn't realize how sever or deadly skin cancer can be. Something the size of a small mole can KILL. The skincancer may LOOK small but have roots that reach deep and a great deal of surface has to be removed in order TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. A surgeon is not going to know how bad the cancer is UNTIL they start looking!! Maybe if you hadn't WAITED 8 years to have the skin-cancer removed it wouldn't have spread so badly?

    An ignorant person as yourself may not be aware that if you maliciously damage the reputation of an individual by making false and defamatory statements, you are committing Libel-Slander lawsuit.

    Thanks to the power of the Internet your false statement have become WIDESPREAD PUBLISHED. The reason no one will take your malpractice case is because YOU DON"T Have one,BUT Dr Gladstone HAS one AGAINST YOU!

    I have informed Dr Gladstones of your actions and STRONGLY RECOMMEND he takes LEGAL ACTION.

    I hope you have your pennies saved, I am sure you are going to need them...

  • Mk
      12th of Sep, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I'm also a satisfied customer of this product. My whole family have been using it for about 9 months and the results are fantastic. I've introduced it to my mum, my brothers, my in-laws, my aunts and close friends. None of them is dissatisfied!

    Regarding ozone, it's rather unstable and will revert back into oxygen quickly. When the ozone-laden air enters water via the mat, it disinfects the water, removes the chlorine and removes the odour and colour. Shortly after, it reverts back to oxygen and emits negative ions into the air. If you have used it, you would have felt the freshness of the bathroom - as though you are in front of a waterfall!

    By the way, ozone therapy is now more frequently used in hospitals to treat patients. As long as you make sure that the bathroom is well-ventilated, you will not suffer from ozone-intoxication!

    Besides ozone, this machine also has 2 other unique features - ultrasonic and far infrared rays. These combined features promote blood circulation and that's the main reason why this machine is so wonderful! You have to try it to believe it. I believe that people who complaint about this machine are generally those people who have not got the chance to use it, or those who do not know how to use it appropriately!

  • Jo
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    She sounds like someone working for Stanford and not a patient. Lately I heard that Stanford had make this woman remove her statements in this board by threatening to file a lawsuit against her. Adding more injury to injury. If this is the case, they are hiding something that they don't want people to know about the horrific things they did to that poor woman. I've heard other sad stories about Stanford, not just two or three. But these poor folks have a hard time in fighting a big giant mob. Let's just pray that God will intervene and bring back justice again to humankind as the Bible say so.

  • Ca
      1st of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Interesting... but I'll stick with the information gathered from the Health Canada website and EPA website on ozone.

  • Ti
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    Beverly Ward Must Be or work for the doctor! No patient would write a book in support of this awful doctor.

  • Bl
      24th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    stop being loosers and degrading these wonderful Dr.'s unless you know the patients condition, BE QUIET!

  • Ha
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I dind't quite enjoy the visit at Stanford's Gynocology department today. It's my third visits ( but three different well-know doctors for different problems). It's considered one the the best teaching hospital, but the custormer service is quite poor. Stanford is such as reputable teaching hospital, but I really that faculty also needs the "love" for patients. Even it's teaching hospital, we as patients still have the right not to be "touched" by the residents. Especially for femal exam, it's very private and sensitive. I have asked receptionists whether I could request not to be examed the second time by residents, and they all said "of course." Just mentioned to nurses, and they will pass my words to the faculty doctor. One of the faculty was kinda mad at me, and said " I should know it's a teaching hospital." The other doctor I saw today was not quite notified by the nurse ( I guess), and so she advised the resident to get the gloves on and ready to instruct her to do pelvic exam on me. I was somehow shocked again. Again, this doctor's visit was not as what i expected. Based on their women's health magazine, they claimed that they have a team to work your problem. But, in reality, the faculty doctor didn't ask me detailed enough and gave me suggestions about different steps.
    like other teaching hospitals, it is well-known for waiting. I was waiting at the lobby and inside the patient room for over an hour. I came with a lot of preparation ( I brought all my medical records, and prepared my questions). however, the faculty doctor said that I had qutie a few problems, and she could only take care one at one time ( it's not a very friendly gesture).

    Anyway, Thanks Lord that at least she confirmed one thing that I don't need to worry too much about my major problem. If it's not for 2nd opinion, it's really like wasting money to go there ( they pretty much treat everyone like HMO or Medical patients). Compared with the physicians at UCSF, I had much better experiences at UCSF.

  • Ki
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    When we found out my mom had a tumor in her leg we thought we were going to "supposedly the best hospital, " Standford. We live in the bay area. It is quite a drive. My mothers doctor was Dr. Muller who is the most uncompassionate basketcase. The first time, he took out her tumor and then scraped the bone. Later on we found out he didn't scrape the bone good enough. She ended up getting two more tumors right after she completed radiation and chemo. When Dr. Muller told us she had two more tumors. He looked at the x-ray and he stated in less than seconds, "yup you got a tumor here and here" He said it like it was no big deal and he said you are going to need to schedule a surgery and he walked out. Such a lack of sympathy and RESPECT for that matter dealing with a cancer patient who is fighting for her life. So we end up coming in for the next surgery for the two tumors; one on her ankle and one on her foot. My sister and I were sitting with our mother an hour before the surgery. Dr. Muller comes in COMPLETE MANIAC. He walks up to us like he has no time for us and he could care less we are there. He starts drawing on my mom's ankle and my sister asks him aren't you also doing the surgery on her knee?? and he starts to FREAK OUT and say her knee?? What about her knee? He completely forgot he was suppose to do the knee and he was the one that said that tumor had to come out!!! He starts walking towards the door with his back to us still trying to talk to us. He is 12 feet away about to walk in the hall, no eye contact, I could only her his echo as he was still talking to us?? You would think as a doctor you would talk to your patients and give them eye contact, right? My aunt was sitting in the waiting room and she told me later that after he walked in the hall he was walking up and down the hallway on his phone saying, "what's this stuff about her knee?? I have like a million things going on right now. I have to be in 5 places at once.!!!" He was running up and down the halls like a complete physco. I walked out to get my aunt and seen him doing it as well. My aunt told me one of his other patients were in the waiting room scared to have their surgery because of his behavior. My sister and I were just as scared. We are supposed to trust a man with a knife who is acting like a chicken with his head cut off? Meanwhile his staff were making jokes of his behavior which I thought none of it to be funny.Maybe when it is theyre mother he is operating on they wont be laughing huh? He ends up coming back a little later and says no the knee is fine there is no tumor there. He ends up doing the surgery on the ankle. GUESS WHAT? We come back for her check up with her oncologist and we find out that there IS A TUMOR IN THE KNEE. He simply forgot about the knee and was being such a freak the day of the surgery his mind set was only for the ankle only. Also, we just thought it was a tumor, but it was cancerous and it came back. NOBODY bothered to call my mother and tell us that it was cancerous. We had to hear about it today at her appointment. Also, the oncologist said that she possibly might need to get her leg amputated. If Dr. Muller wasnt so ###in careless and calmed himself down maybe everything could have been different. I'm writing this to warn people if that is your surgeon you might want to get a different one. To be on the safe side don't go to Standford. It's way overrated!

  • Ki
      4th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Dr. Muller is the worse surgeon!!!

  • Ka
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I delivered my first born child @lucille packard and stanford hospital and I have to say I was terrifed to have another child!!! There was no compassion what so ever. My well known, physician, was hard and cruel, seeing as we disrupted her from their new years eve celebrations in the corridor. It was a 21 hour labor and 3 hours of trying to get the physician in to help with our 3 hour pushing. Vacuum extractions, oxygen for my child and 3rd degree tears that my well known, physician could not stop the hemoraging by that time. I was sutured and taken back sutures, then sutured again. My son was not alive when he was born he had to be resesitated and taken to the NICU. Following that I was discharged with no exam after almost bleeding to death!! My husband said there was so much blood protruding everywhere they had to use garbage cans under me, mind you. They sent in another physician who was even more rude than all the other's, whom filed a panic report on me because I just wanted to be examined before I went home to hemorage there alone. Meanwhile, my son was in intermitent care for over a week with some infection they couldn't detect...It took me over three months to recover from all the pain and still bleeding. That was an amazing first delivery of a child that I never want anyone to go through:( So I believe everyone elses pain and trauma from stanford. I had my second child 3 years later, I had to wait after that!!!I had her at Kaiser Hospital and loved every moment of the experience:)

  • Je
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    Well, I have to say that indeed, going to Stanford Hospital is a very scary thing. Ever since the tender age of 8, I have feared that hospital. I dread having to go there and if at all possible go to another hospital. But at times, in an emergency, that is the only place to go and I go but this time I'm ready...I am no longer a helpless 8 year old child and know how to speak up and demand that a qualified physician tend to me or my loved one. Back in 1985, my mother was ill with some mysterious illness. I watched by her bedside, not knowing what was happening, as the "doctors" administered "needed" experimental medications which my father agreed to because he was told there was no other way. On one such occasion, my mother told my grandmother to please tell the nurse not to administer the drug that caused her such awful headaches. My grandmother told the nurse to please not give that medication but the nurse ignored the request and said it was the Dr.'s orders. Shortly after the drug was administered, my mother began to complain of the awful pain in her head and suddenly fell back into my grandmother's arms. She was dead, death caused by a brain anurism. My father, an imigrant who didn't know where to begin, could think only of his seven children, I being the youngest. The oldest were just teenagers, not quite understanding what had happened only that our mother had suddenly and mysteriously died. Now, 25 years after her death, older and wiser, we look back and understand exactly what happened. Stanford hospital allowed a practitioner to kill our mother!

  • Sy
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    "Regarding ozone, it's rather unstable and will revert back into oxygen quickly. When the ozone-laden air enters water via the mat, it disinfects the water, removes the chlorine and removes the odour and colour. Shortly after, it reverts back to oxygen and emits negative ions into the air. If you have used it, you would have felt the freshness of the bathroom - as though you are in front of a waterfall!"

    You need to be careful when you speak about the stability of ozone. It IS a relatively stable molecule. The lifetime of ozone can be really long, otherwise, we wouldn't have an ozone layer in the atmosphere.
    If the human body is not in the water, ozone can disinfect water, and remove odour (and color if you bathe in dirty water), but if your body is in the water, the chances of ozone contacting your skin and lungs is really high.
    The smell if your bathroom after you used this "home spa" is not the smell of negative ions in the air because negative ions are soluble in water and stay in water. The smell that you think is great, is the smell of ozone, because you are using an ozone generator.

    Also, infrared rays in just a fancy term for "warmth". Regular hot tap water emits infrared radiation.

    The bottom line is, this machine is not recognized by any Medical Association in North America and not by Health Canada.

  • Sy
      3rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    MK Tan, I don't know if you've been to Niagara Falls, but Niagara Falls does not smell like ozone or "negative ions"...If you want more ions in water, just throw in some table salt. You'll have plenty of negatively charged chloride ions that way rather than ozone.

  • Sm
      23rd of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Stanford hospital is nothing more than a cesspool that breeds elitist attitudes and egos to boot. The lack of compassion displayed by their "world-renowned" doctors is deplorable. My wife was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that Stanford just so happened to have a surgeon who specialized in the corrective surgery. We reside in the central valley of California and thought ourselves very fortunate to be within a reasonable driving distance of the hospital. After all, people fly in from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Steinberg (or at least that's what they state on the clinic website). After doing business (note that I said doing business and not receiving care) with Stanford hospital, we soon realized how wrong we were. I could literally go on for days with my list of grievances, but I won't. Instead I'll just say that in the event that the right side of her brain becomes affected by the disorder, we will travel to the midwest, or even the east coast to have the corrective surgery performed by someone else.

  • Po
      20th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    @smiles a lot Agreed, worst hospital ever!

  • Br
      7th of Nov, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Have traveled to the Cancer Center to be seen in clinics for some time. Big place, depersonalized, Nursing compassion and presence in the clinics is shameful. You are checked in by a medical assistant, some young and untrained and just in a hurry to get your vitals and leave. Then you sit in a room waiting for the intern or resident --some who you know will become great doctors and some who were dreadful and should never have gone to medical school--to examine you. I have never been offered any psychosocial support---ever---from the Stanford Cancer center. You are on your own to worry and are supposed to be grateful for the luxury of having an expert attending have you in their panel. It is time to leave and be seen at another major University based Cancer program and find a doctor who seems to really care about what happens to you instead of being an academic statistic.

  • Po
      20th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    Stanford is by far the worst hospital I have ever experienced. Too bad people have to be treated so poorly. They need to completely reorganize that place from top to bottom. The way the treat good, nice people is just beyond anything you can imagine. If you are reading this I hope you never choose Stanford hospital. Please consider all other options.

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