Standard Bank / unethical behaviour

South of Johannesburg, South Africa

On the 08 April 2017 I visited the South Gate Mall Standard Bank and was attended by a lady by Mbali Mavuso.
I had visited the branch to request a mobile banker to visit my mother who is an inmate in Sun City prison the reason for the visit was for me to have sighing powers on her account and to received her (my mother) 3 months bank statement. Ms Mbali Mavuso had made me sign documents to verify my signature and to prepare the documents for when she visits the Prison.
She had said she will go to Sun City the week ahead which was between the 11th and the 13th.
I then followed up with her that week, she said she had not gotten a chance to go and so many other stories. She promised to go the following week which was the 20th or the 21, my mother had also spoken to her regarding this urgent matter and she gave us both her word. She then requested a number of the person in charge for Female inmates which both me and my mother provided for to her.I spoke to her on the 17th she then said she will be out of the office on Thursday the 20 but she will attend to the inmates on Friday. Friday came and went but still no word from Ms Mavuso.

I have been calling the branch on [protected] which is the number she provided for me but nothing, when I call she is either busy with her personal things like fetching her sister at a panel beater or I get told she is busy with clients.

It has been a month now and I really do not understand how this process works and if it is supposed to take this long as we had clearly stated it was a matter of an emergency and we were promised it would be done in a week.

May 2, 2017

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