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Staffmark / Scam

1 601 Memory LaneYork, PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 717-840-5035

This company is a nightmare to work with. They undercut people's pay routinely, and intentionally, hoping they will eventually get fed up with the run-around and just let it go. "Fake checks" isn't the way to put it, but it was the closest thing that was fitting. They don't even OFFER checks as an option. You need to choose either direct deposit or have the money put on a "Skylight" card... either option will end up with the same result, the money not getting into your account, either at all, or less of it than should. I find it too big a coincidence to believe that me and the two people I went on the assignment with ALL had this problem. When coincidence becomes routine, it is no longer coincidence. And "conveniently", you have no evidence showing the amount of hours you worked, because you have no pay stub, and no time sheet with a signature on it. Everything is done through an automated time clock, which they later go into and manipulate to carve your hours.

Avoid this company at all costs. I honestly don't know how places like this can still be allowed to operate, there have been so many complaints. I can only postulate that it's because there is no integrity left in the world these days. Even companies like the B.B.B. that are put in place to protect people against shady business practices like this will look the other way in exchange for some cold, hard cash. It really is a shame how things have become...

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  • Bm
      24th of May, 2010
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    Maybe it's just that location, because I receive paystubs that display all my hours and I've never had an issue. And if I do, they address it promptly. It's kept me employed in temp work for the past two years...with only about two weeks where I was unemployed.

    Brett Miller
    Seattle, WA

  • Bi
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    Perhaps it is just a couple of offices, but I just dealt with them myself. I WAS FIRED AND THEN REHIRED THE SAME DAY, TODAY, 8/16/10. I was promissed a check which never came, and fired for going over the manager's head, and then re hired at the end of the day with instruction to keep communication with the if I were not doing that already frantically... Yes, it is true that they do not write checks, but should I get one, it is nice to have a heads up that it could be fraudulant. I hope to God that this does not happen to me. I will just have to wait and see. What I gather from other workers there is that they are screwed out of their incentive pay. The pay starts at barely minimum wage, with 32 hour weeks, even though I was told 40 hour weeks, which is actually 38 1/2 hour weeks. If it were not for companies like this, we would not have to need unions.

    Al. Olympia, WA

  • Jm
      18th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    That is bogus and completely inaccurate, it could be that the company that was using Staffmark for the assignment was misreporting the hours. I have gotten every penny I earned and I have had amassed a large amount of hours

  • Am
      16th of Feb, 2011
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    Wow, stumbled across this after considering working for Staffmark. I agree whole-heartedly Lucid, of your assessment of the BBB and also the Attorney General's office. All that matters in THIS world is money. I recently filed a complaint with the BBB for a company named Global Tel Link which also offers shady practices for inmate telephone calls and it is truly amazing how these entities do nothing to protect the consumers and citizens of this country. There is no decency and honor left in this world and after reading these complaints I am sure that I want nothing to do with this wickedness! And if I want to see change, I will BE the change and focus on becoming self employed and conducting business the way I know it should be conducted -HONESTLY! Find your skills and bring the "mom and pops" back to America!

  • An
      18th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    My husband's paychecks were held out for over 3 weeks. I finally called the manager for two days every fifteen minutes and the guy met us at the location and gave us his check. The second time he has worked for them, he has neglected to turn into the Skylight paperwork for a week or so, even though he was on file with them for months. Then the guy said they still owe my husband money, and told him to sign this "stop payment" form for a 39 dollar check. I have a copy of the form, and it is for 120 or so. That particular check was cashed by us, then paid a bill with it. The Staffmark company took that money back out of our account, saying that was the check that was taken, which was done 3 times, resulting in over 100 in overdraft fees from our bank. The bank charges each time it is run as a stop payment. My husband claims that when he signed the form, it said the 30 dollar check and not the larger one. They charged my husband three bucks to do that stop payment on the wrong check.

    Also, they routinely cheat him out of his incentive pay, even though he performs at above expectations consistently. It is a common joke there at the loading dock where he works that "incentive" is just a word they use around there to get as much work out of you as they can. When he performs below 200% productivity, he is threatenedwith his job.

    Also, in attempting to collect his first paychecks, we called the higher up manager above his direct manager. We also called the vendor, because that was the phone number he was given to contact his manager. Because the vendor was told about the paycheck issue, this manager was mad and fired him, yet was doing headhunting and hired him back again the same day. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

    Skylight also charges you to call their customer service to find out what the heck happened with your pay. When you check you balance, they charge you. When you make a purchase, or withdraw money, they charge you.

    The job is flat out physically draining, loading 100 lb plus boxes above his head at breakneck pace. A safety hazard, and much stress to perform this quickly. Then to not get paid, or paid the right amount, or to get ripped off for money blatantly... As soon as he gets another job lined up we are filing whatever charges we can against this company because this is just wrong.

  • Oh
      19th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I work for staffmark as well. My checks are always off by an hour or so. I was not paid for my orientation. They took the background check and drug testing costs out of my check. I have never had to pay for those anywhere else. Recently they called our whole line into their office in a city 50 miles from our assignment, even though they have an office on site to write statements about "activity" going on during our shift. We were called in by them on our off time and not compensated what so ever for our time or travel. This doesn't seem legal?

  • An
      19th of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Staffmark routinely and intentionally cut employees pay AFTER the worked hours. Like the original poster I too was a victim of these deceptive business practices. They provide you with no proof of your hours worked other than a digital time stamp that gets collected at the end of each week then disappears to what they call a "third party company". Each week I worked I noticed I wasn't being paid for all the hours I put in, they even undercut me by 10+ hours on one pay period. When I called to ask about it they gave me the run-around saying they would look into it and to call them back the next day. This went on for a week while I spoke with other employees who had experienced the same undercut deposits into their checking accounts and "skylight cards". After 7+ business days of me calling they told me that I never worked those hours, and if I did I must have forgot to punch in or out and that it was somehow my fault I didn't get paid and there was nothing they could do. My next two checks were undercut by 4 hours of over-time and 8 hours of regular time. When I confronted them I was told I clocked in early one day so wasn't paid! A friend of mine quit the assignment and found a different job and staffmark told him on the phone he wasn't being paid for his last day of work because he quit! Meanwhile this entire time the staffmark agency blames the assignment for all the misunderstanding and hour discrepancies, when confronting the assigment management they blame staffmark! A constant merry-go-round of deceptive business practices by both the temp agency and the companies they place people in. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST, SCAM, LIERS

  • At
      3rd of May, 2013
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    An absolutely terrible staffing agency. I have worked for them on two occasions, and was misled both times.

    The first time, I was told that I would be hired on full time after 90 months or let go. Not true. The job I was hired for was not a position for which the company ever hired full time employees. I didn't find that out until I had been with the company for 3 months.

    The second time, I was told that I would be charged $35 dollars for a background check and a drug test. I have never had a staffing agency charge for this before. I was desperate for a job at the time so I agreed. Well, there was a $35 dollar charge alright for the background check - and then there was an additional $15 dollar charge for the drug test. So that was $50 dollars taken out of my first check.

    I'm currently making $9.80 per hour. The actual starting salary for full time employees is $15.00 per hour. So for the privilege of Staffmark taking my application, I will have to fork over more than a third of my income to them for the next 3 to 12 months. Plus the $50 dollars they took out of my first check. Thanks Staffmark!

  • Re
      2nd of Jul, 2013
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    I have never worked for Staffmark. It's never gotten that far. What I CAN attest to is that, when I was called to attend an interview for a position that I applied for through Craigslist, I was told they were going to make a decision that day. The Staffmark recruiter said "Either way, I will keep you up to date on what's going on"...that was a week ago. I got no responses to my emails, no calls, and no information. I know, I probably didn't get the job. But...what sort of image does this put forth into the world? Not one of professionalism. Not even an email. In fact, I feel insulted that I went to the lengths I did for this job and got absolutely nothing in the way of information or contact afterward. I consider it a warning not to ever work for Staffmark. If they have problems simply keeping in touch, it's a symptom of other problems.

  • Ma
      4th of Dec, 2013
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    And they falsify drug tests positive scene there not allowed to discriminate. Its there way of picking healthier more qualified people I suppose...And they act smug and fairly vague about it while there doing it as if to say your not welcome here i cant say why. and if you confront them about it they simply pretend your a Drug addict that's lying.

  • La
      20th of Dec, 2013
    +2 Votes

    staffmark will get you a job they just will not pay you

  • Ji
      12th of Mar, 2016
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    I appreciate all the information that was provided in this thread. I just started a job after looking for a few months with a five star Hotel. Out of the blue I received a call from a Staffmark manager asking me to interview for a position as a placement officer because she had seen my resume on CareerBuilder. Thinking this could be too good to be true but wanting to see it through I went to the interview and found the office pleasant but odd that it was only a two-person office. The next day I was offered the position. After feeling excited and shocked I emailed the person I interviewed with and asked about benefits time off personal days and health Care coverage. I felt uneasy when all she could tell me was that right now I was a temp to hire and not eligible for any of that. Since then I have been on a research frenzy trying to make sure I'm doing the right thing by staying away from this company. Apparently my first instinct was right after reading these horror stories. I could never represent a company who treats its workers so terribly and leave the good job that I have now. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  • Ja
      24th of Oct, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am writing about Staff mark in Olive Branch, Ms.. 6628908691. I have been very patient with the run around they are giving my husband. Now!!! Am fed up with the lack of care and response.. My husband has worked for Staff mark on several occasions.. now he was laid off from there Post Cereal account in Byhalia, Ms.. He went to file unemployment. Unemployment office gave him paperwork to be filled out by Staff mark we drove there turned in the paperwork which they made a copy of. It's been 3 weeks and Staff mark has not turned in his wages. So my husband decides to call unemployment office to check up on his process. Paperwork was never received from staffmark. So we call the Olive Branch office questioning them about his wages and they have the nerve to tell him they don't have it and there is nun they can do.. ok.. now I am livid. How do u loose something we drove to you and turned in.. beats me.. so finally we get through to this Thing(she can't be human with that attitude) Mrs. Elizabeth. Who has the nerve to catch a attitude for something her coworkers missed placed. Instead of her being a lady and holding up for her coworkers she makes it seem like my husband never turned in the paperwork. Bull. We were together when he turned it in.. and as far as she would go was "if it's not on my desk I can't fill it out". This is not acceptable.. I will write on every review site in the world about this company and there in-house employees.. they are rude unprofessional. Most days everyone is in lala land don't know left from right. And when you request a corporate number or management they hang up the phone.. I am not satisfied with the company or the way they let the staff play with people lively hoods and they get away with it.. I want Olive Branch to be held accountable for there actions and hanging up the phone in people faces and accountable for being ###s

  • An
      22nd of Jan, 2018
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    absiolute nightmare, too many issues to mention, abusive work environment all the way around.

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