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I bought some courses a couple years ago with the intention of taking them later. Order # 2208442. When I tried to take them later, Stack said the licenses had expired .

Ok. It's fine that I messed up, and I'd normally accept responsibility and move on without complaint. Read the fine print.

Except... I can't find any fine print. There were no warnings anywhere on the page where it was purchased, anywhere on the list of my purchases, or the online receipt. The original receipt email says that some products may require another step, but it doesn't say that this step has a time limit. In fact the website and advertisements say the opposite: that you get unlimited access to the courses after purchasing.

Even the help page isn't clear about the consequences of licenses expiring. It says "it's best" to redeem them right away, and "the sooner the better."

They provide unlimited access, but that is *conditional upon* redeeming after 30 days. After which you are boned. I contacted the help desk and they confirmed I was boned, have a good day, Your Support Hero.

But you know what they do make clear?

No refunds.

So I won't even try. I'll just throw a negative review into the void of the internet. They're not a scam, but they have some crappy business practices. Everyone complains about fine print, but at least it's better than no warnings at all.

I don't care about the money so much, though it would be nice to get it back. Even better would be to get new licenses for the courses. Full resolution would be the website putting warnings about license expiration in their account history, receipts, purchase pages, or *anywhere the customer is likely to see.* Or send reminder emails if a purchase is about to expire. Etc.

Nov 19, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 20, 2017

    I would say it's common sense that your courses would be expired after years have passed. I truly can't think of many businesses where this wouldn't happen. Additionally, while I do agree that their expiration information is incredibly vague (the most specific I found was "All license codes and redemption links will expire after 30 days"), the company's website is very clear about their 15-day refund policy.

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