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Sst Card Services / Fraudulent SST fee charging

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My husband and I both HAD a WAMU and Providian credit card that were sold to SST Card Services. Now, the company calls us saying our accounts are over due and over the limit. They blame WAMU and Providian for "keeping poor records" and "it's is their fault that the fees are now due." I asked them about fees on my Providian and the woman at SST admitted that was SST's mistake but yet I am still responsible for paying the fees! I canceled the WAMU card and now they call me daily and harass me about paying a small past due amount. They never sent new cards when asked, bill statements, notices of change, etc. I NEVER missed a payment before this so-called company took over. I can't believe the number of sites that can be found online concerning SST's negative and unethical practices. BEWARE if your card is sold to SST!

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  • Do
      25th of Jul, 2007
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    WAMU reportedly sold my account to SST at which time the credit limit was reduced by almost $1300 putting me $10 from being over the limit. After dutifully setting up a new profile with banking information well before the due date I see online that I have a late charge. I call to inquire and lo and behold they tell me the payment of $50 did not go through as the bank said there was no such account. After setting up all of my accounts online for billpay, I know the routing and account numbers by heart and seriously doubt there was a typo on my part. To pour salt in the wound SST sent me a letter I received 2 days after the payment was late notifying me of the problem with the account. My solution... Pay those guys off and move on with life. Not every company focuses on unethical behavior in an effort to fatten their bottom lines.

  • Pa
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    SST Card Services - Fraudulent SST fee changing!
    United States

    Providian sold the service to SST Card and the finance charges increased. This complaint has charge over the limit fees without the ability to pay of the internet, before you are lock out. Never allowing the opportunity to pay on time. Once coming to a agreement to pay off the card the finance charges increased. Unable to speak with someone to come to a reasonable agreement.

  • Cl
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    Gosh, I am surprised a the # of "victims" the company has aquired yet they remain open for business despite your whining. Lets address a few issues:
    1. YOU agreed to the APR default rate when you applied for the card.
    2. SST does NOT own the card, they are a 3rd party servicer.
    3. Most ppl I have talked to and dealt with are barely computer literate and can't seem to simply READ the web address correctly which is NOT or!!!
    4. The BANK owns the card, NOT the consumer...they don't need to get your permission to buy/sell an account.
    5. Credit responsibility is the key...if you are going to duck and dodge your responsibility, at least have the dignity to call and set up a payment arrangement.
    6. Refusal to pay WILL result in the account being sold to a 3rd party collection agency Tempest Recovery Services and it WILL end up on your credit bureau for 7-10 years and while you may think bankruptcy is the key...guess again. YOu could walk away still owning the debt!!

    Oh yeah, be the victim, whine, piss, moan, groan and complain about the fact YOU didn't make your payment on time causing rate default and collection proceedures. Hope that above all else that while you are pissing on the computer, bashing the ones who lent you $500-$20,000 unsecured to buy what you wanted and now that you are dodging the bullet. Ever think that is bordering theft when you don't pay your bill?????
    Get a clue!!

  • Du
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    The company you believe to be SST is actually a scam. They have continually called my home asking for my father (wh0m has been deceased for over a year). When I tell them that and ask them what they want they say they refuse to talk to me if I do not give them my social security number. As I am sure you know, this is a ridiculous request and should never be answered to anyone who CALLS YOU and asks. These people are attempting to gain information about your credit through your SSN. The so called website they use is which its only function is to ask you for your SSN. Do not reply to these people and next time they call explain you know that they are a scam and that you have already reported them to the Federal Do Not Call List and they will be prosecuted the next time they call. You are trying to be scammed!

  • No
      9th of Apr, 2008
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    Are you an idiot or Employee of the Month at SST? We cannot get on the website to pay our bills. My bill was ALWAYS paid on time and ended up in the hands of the ###s at SST. When I try to call I can't get an operator on the phone and the website is always mysteriously down. No bills in the mail. When you actually can get on the website it records your payment late if ever. Try looking up the website yourself or just look up SST, yourcardaccount, or providian on here you fool and see how many people have been screwed over by this "company".

  • Tu
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    My Card was with First Equity and i always paid my bill on time .. I had just got First equity to lower my intrest rate on the card .. I cut the card up and did not use it . Well the next thing i knew SSt had took it over . And would you know it up went the intrest Rate . Well i did call them and spoke to a Smart a-- person . and for 25% of the balance they would lower my Rate .. I said thank for all the Help . These people are not willing to work with you in a reasonable manner .. So i told the Take me to court or collections or what ever that i was trying the best i could ..

  • Sq
      11th of Jan, 2011
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    Not only do these people hang up or not help you work through things but are calling me and I DON'T have an account with them!
    The person who finally answered when I redialed the number said "you must be a neighbor or perhaps a reference on an account - but without the account # I can't take put your # on the do not call list?!? Are you freakin' kidding me?
    I've been getting harrassing late and early morning calls from this unprofessional group of people and don't seem to have any way to make it stop...

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