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Sst Card Services / Never received any statements now in collection!

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My account was bought from WAMU to SST Card Services in April 07. To date all I received was a welcome letter and a collection letter. I had been with Providian for 3 years then WAMU bought my account last year sometime before Christmas then sold it in April to SST. In the 4 years of the open account I paid more than the minimum and never late. Now, SST never sent me any statements. I called and spoke to several different customer service reps most of them were very rude to me. I asked for statements or something so that I could know where to send my payment and stuff. They deliberately held my account over 30 days and charged me $39.00 late fee which put me over the limit and a $35.00 over limit fee. then raised my APR because I was in default. I started out with a 15.35% now it is like 30% BEWARE OF SST. I have spent over 7 hours on the phone with them and they do not keep records of it. They ask you to prove when the last time you called in. Don't use a land line it is a 800 number and you must use your cell phone to have proof of your calls. I would love to see a class action against the two companies for fraudulent charges and not sending out billing statements to make accounts default to higher percentage rates.

-Deeply concerned
Michael Ipock

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  • Vj
      26th of Jun, 2007
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    I COMPLETELY AGREE!! The same exact thing happened to me. My credit card account was supposedly bought from WAMU in April 07. I had the account for approximately 7 months with no late payment and a 9.9% APR. I never received anything information from them, NO statements, NO new cards, absolutely nothing. I started receiving phone calls from SST. When I returned their calls I found out that I was 30 days late. I explained that I received no correspondence from them and I was not aware that my account was sold to them. I offered to pay the minimum balance on the spot and all I asked in return was the waiving of the late fee. The representative was most unhelpful. She said she could not. I asked why I didn't receive any bills. Her response was I don't know. You should have. When I asked if new cards could be sent out she said no because my recent payment needed to post before she could order new cards. I would have to call back. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! EVERYONE SHOULD LOOK OUT FOR THIS COMPANY. I haven't received a new statement or cards yet.

  • Da
      30th of Jun, 2007
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    SO DO I!!! This company is so frigging lame. My story... and I both blame WAMU and SST. Mine was bought without prior knowledge from either company until it was all to late. I received a notice from WAMU... post date from their offices April 14 2007 that they would no longer accept payments at any branch of Washington Mutual on 3/28/2007. Already there is a problem. So already I'm late and I am getting very harassing phone call s from SST, and I have no clue who the guys are. They never said that they had taken over an account or anything... just that *you are late* and you better call. I never received a bill from this company while in transition and then I was 2 months late. But at the same time I called WAMU to try and figure out what was going on... and WAMU couldn't give me any relevant information... no contacts no forwarding... nothing. AND when I finally got a bill from SST... they told me it was my fault for not contacting them earlier. I told them about my reservations about this without prior knowledge... and with all of the scams going on out there, this company fits the bill BIG TIME of a scammer. And to boot after all this time they still can't get my address right.In 4 months I have received 4 different change of addresses.Guess what... I haven't moved since they took this account over.And to the guy above me I had a 0.0% for transfers and a locked 9,9% with WAMU... now it's 10.9% And yeah, when all this stuff happened, they I also asked why I didn't receive a bill... EXACTLY i don't know. This crappy company just wants their money and I hope SST and WAMU folds like a dried out accordion like the Bank of New York.

  • Cd
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    My husband and I had a Providian card and received a letter a few months back that our account was being sold to WAMU. I tried making a payment on the Providian account since I never received a billing statement from this new company and it was not accepted since my account was sold. I received letters from SST but disregarded them since I had no idea who they were. When they called my husband spoke to them and they stated that I was $20.00 over the limit and that I had to make a payment by my due date (which was almost 2 weeks away). The day before my payment was due they called and said that I was $300.00 over the limit since I missed a payment (fees ect..) First of all, $300.00 for missing one payment? and secondly, my husband spoke to them and they made no mention that we missed a payment, just said make one by our due date. My husband called and told them about this phone call and they stated that they had no record of this conversation. Now I have been paying twice as much as I did a month (about $200.00), still cant get under the limit and they call and harass us constantly.
    I really wish I had the financial resources to pay these guys off.

  • Ki
      13th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have had the same problems. I had a Providian Acct. with a good interest rate which was sold to Washington Mutual and then to SST. I have never received any correspondence from them, or a new card. They have continually harassed me, their people are extremely rude. I still don't know what my account number is. They won't tell me it and they won't issue a new card. So, I ended up paying with over the phone and still no card, no statement. I don't even know what my balance is or my due date. I am just completely frustrated and wish I could pay them off to get them off my back. They call my home and work so many times a day it's just not right.

  • Ke
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    The same exact thing happened to me!!!! I received a letter from Providian telling me that my 2 accounts were being bought out by SST. I always made my payments online and they said to continue doing so until I receive further notice. The next month came along and I went to make my payments online and couldn't, my account no longer existed with Providian. I called and spoke with a representative and they gave me the number to SST. I then called them to to figure out what was going on and among being very rude, they were very unhelpful. They said I could make a payment over the phone, for a fee, but they wouldn't give me my new account numbers for my records. They said they sent my statements, and should have received them. Meanwhile, a month later, it was the same routine all over again, no statements, no account info, so therefore no payments again! It took nearly 4 months to receive my info from them, and by that time my accounts were in serious default. Late fees and over the limit fees every month! I called several times and spoke with several people who consistently made me out to be the bad guy, blamed it all on me, and that I wasn't responsible enough to take care of my bills! Finally I sucked it up and started making my payments, and every month on my bill they still charged me a late fee even though it wasn't late! I called back, got into several screaming matches with these thieves, and they told me that they were taking my current payments and applying them to the previous months that I was late on! I wound up telling them to [censored]off and they weren't getting a dime out me! I did manage to get one account under control, and I'm still making payments on that one, it's been about 1 1/2-2 years now, and still no card!!! They constantly call and harass me at work and at home, and I keep telling them [censored] off!!!!! If anyone ever gets a law suit going against these people, count me in!!!

  • He
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    I completely agree with all of you. I sent them to the Better Business Bureau using the online complaint system. They are aware of SST as a problem company. I urge you all to send your complaints to the BBB.

  • Ar
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am very upset right now! I started receiving phone calls and a letter out of nowhere saying I owed SST $1500 and that they had taken over for another company I have never heard of. I called the number right away and no-one answered. i left 3 messages and also wrote a letter saying that I had no idea what this was and that this was not my debt. No one ever called or followed up. Now, a month later I received a 7 page affidavit with no company info or letter asking for my Social security number! the letter threatens jail time if anything is falsified!! have you ever heard of such a thing? There is not even any contact name or number! So weird, but i checked and they are on my credit report, butno one will give me any info about what this even is! I am going to have my attorney send them a letter. Insane!

  • Ra
      12th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    This company also took over Crescent and Friedman jewelers and are using rude and illegal practices such as contacting family members and telling them stories and information about people they say owe them money, which is illegal. They also call and harrass you. There are numerous complaints on the BBB site under Friedmans jeweler which has filed several class action suite againts Friedmans. I imagine they will start filing more complaints against them for Crescent jewelers as well. I certainly hope so as I don't see any other recourse.

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