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Abdul Bari Khaleel Ahamed
FlySmiLes Membership No.:UL600483004
Ticket # [protected]
Confirmation # I782MJ

The Director,
Customer Affairs - Passenger Queries
“Srilankan Airlines”
Airline Centre
Bandaranaike Int'l Airport
Sri Lanka.
Telephone : +[protected] Fax : +[protected]
Email : [protected]

Dear Sir,

My name is Abdul Bari Kaleel Ahamed (FlySmiLes Membership No.:UL600483004). I am working in Kuwait and on 28.11.2013, I came to my native for vacation holidays.

Since they are travelling with Srilankan Airlines, I have changed my other airline ticket to Srilankan Airlines and we all travelled together. But, then we all felt why we travelled in Srilankan Airlines, due to the way your esteemed airlines treated us.

I would like to explain about my trip problem to you and hope I will expect prompt reply from your esteemed airways.

Kindly inform you that last year I travelled in Sri Lankan airlines, while I was traveling I got some inconvenience with your service regarding for that I got one on board gift voucher from your side as a composition because of that I once again planned to travel with your flight to use that voucher. I made pre-order some items and I mentioned to get on Colombo to Chennai flight, I got confirmation from your side but I couldn't make printout.

On 29/11/2013, Colombo to Chennai flight I asked for my pre-ordered items they said we didn’t get any information regarding your pre-order, and I asked some product which have in Serendib Treasures Duty Free Booklet that also they don’t have it, finally they suggested me to buy a liquor and I was not interested in it.

On 18/01/2014, when I was returning Kuwait by Sri Lankan airlines at that time I compliant against this issues at Sri Lankan airlines head office in Colombo (World Trade Centre Tower), after a hour's of conversation your executive told me this time you can able to get listed items those I already mentioned on flight while Colombo to Kuwait trip that was also failed to get, finally I bought some items worth 148 US Dolor on that trip.

Once I received your gift voucher, I thought that I can travel to Kuwait without any problem this time, but unfortunately, (18/01/2014) again I got one more trouble with your service that was13 hours fight delay,

Actually flight time was at 6.20am so we took boarding pass at 3.30pm after that only your executive told us the flight was delay and postponed tomorrow morning at 7.30am. After one hour they allotted us for accommodation far away from the airport its around 45 kilo meters in between they won’t provide any food nor drinks and next day morning (19/01/2014) at 4.00am they brought us to the airport.

Kindly I inform you that we boarded on 18/01/2014 evening at 4.00 o clock (before we leave from the airport to hotel) but in boarding pass the date and time re-printed as19/01/2014, 6.30am.

When I reached Kuwait, My Company detected my 3 days salary for delay from the joining date.

I Need explanation about these things happen to me,

1. Bookings materials cannot be made in that plane .
2. They inform us 13 hours flight delay after we boarded.
3. We are accommodated so far away from the airport
4. I got loss of pay because of your irresponsibility.

So how you guys composite this things with me please don’t provide any onboard gift voucher, Behalf of DBC (Denied Boarding Compensation) Policy what you guys do for me.

Reply me ASAP.

Thanks and Regards,

Abdul Bari Kaleel Ahamed +[protected].

Mar 12, 2014
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  • Ch
      11th of Sep, 2015

    To whom it may concern,

    My client Mr Hiroshi Morisaki-( PP number- T 849693 - Seat 3A), arrived from Hong Kong to Colombo via Bangkok last night in UL 423 on business class. His hand language has been in inside the cabin.
    He has been sleeping most of the time of the flight and after landing he has realised his bag was slightly opened but has not realised the loss money at that time.

    Only when he was trying to make the payment for on arrival visa he realised that a bundle of Japanese yen worth of US$ 5000 is missing from his purse.
    At that time he has not made any complaints since he has a language issue.

    Also he says that he suspects two local males and a female (seat 1A) who has been in the flight has given a parcel to a person who has walked into the boarding bridge who didn't have any identification.
    He throughly insist this matter should be handed to CID to investigate to recover his money and to avoid these kinds of issues in future.
    For any query's pls contact Mr Upali on 0727673665 and email on [protected], or hiroshi.[protected]

    Thank you
    Upali Keppitipola.

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  • Mo
      5th of Jun, 2016

    I am Faizal rahman day before yesterday i traveled with my trichy to jeddah, i didnt receive my luggage i wasted more than 4 hrs in airport finally i upset and make complaint to the concern person he told it will be received on 6 to 12 hrs, but still i didn't received any update in this regards, so i requesting here kindly solve my issue because my cloths all are in that baggage .

    here i attached
    1.Baggage boarding pass
    2. complaint form .

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  • Ni
      3rd of Jul, 2016

    I was scheduled to travel on 13th June 2016 from Doha to Kochi using Sri Lankan Airlines. I arrived at Doha airport on time. My baggage was overweight so they advised me to reduce it. I reduced the weight and kept one suitcase along with me. I received my boarding pass and while reaching the first entrance the security stopped me. She called the manager from Sri Lankan Airlines and they saw that I was carrying the suitcase. The manger took away my boarding pass, behaved very rudely and said that I am not travelling today. I begged him that I am travelling for the first time and was unaware of the baggage policies. I admitted my mistake and asked him that I can return this suitcase to my cousin who is waiting outside and you please give me my boarding pass back. He was so arrogant and didn't even listen to my request. I had to return back to my room and the next day I went to Sri Lankan Airlines office in Doha and they said that I can get some part of the refund amount (Which I still haven't received). I had to spend double the amount on Etihad to reach home after 2 days. Total amount loss 27000 INR. My question is does the airlines manager have the right to take away passengers boarding pass if they commit a mistake unknowingly?.

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  • Et
      11th of Jul, 2016

    Dear Upali Keppitipola

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us and sharing our guest's recent experience. We would like to help, however would ask you to confirm the guest's Etihad flight number? We can see you mentioned they flew Sri Lankan Airlines. In order to create a formal case with Etihad we would ask you to kindly send the Etihad details over to us.

    We do hope to hear back from you to help and assist further *Gill

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  • Et
      11th of Jul, 2016

    Dear Mohamed arsath,

    We're sorry to read of this experience, we would ask you to kindly you to complete a delayed baggage form, once complete our team will be able to review this case and update you as soon as possible. Here's the link you can use to contact our team directly *Gill

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  • Et
      11th of Jul, 2016

    Dear Nijesh Jalaludeen,

    Thanks for coming to us and sharing this experience, do you have a Etihad booking reference? If so, please send this feedback and experience to [protected] our team will need to review this and look further into this for you. *Gill

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  • Sr
      6th of Sep, 2016


    31 Conway crescent
    Perivale Greenford
    ub6 8hy

    I went to sri lanka with my family on 3rd of august 2016 there is one of my bag was missing I have reported at the airport i was waiting long time still i haven't receive the bag there is very important think are in the bag
    i attached all the deatail please check fine the bag as soon as possible further information please contact me thank you.

    kind regards
    p Sriruban
    tel - 07931580330
    email - [protected]

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  • Ho
      14th of Sep, 2016

    I book flight on 14/9/2016 with Srilankan from Guangzhou to Kuwait and there is transit on Srilanka about 18 hours and when I reach Srilanka 11pm and go to counter to take my Hotel booking the girl tell me no hotel we have another flight will be tomorrow at 9 am you can Chang your booking to it or you stay in the airport for 18 hours I told her my rights to take hotel and I want to keep my booking as it is and not accept the change she want to make me do and after one hours with her she make me crazy She not give me hotel booking then I take taxi and book hotel by my self and this is the 3rd time happen with me with Srilankan and submit complain and the answer I get is we are sorry for you we can not make any things for you
    MY flight no UL 883 from Can to KWI on 14/9/2016
    My flysmile No UL 600802322
    my booking Reference 4AJ5OS

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  • Fl
      9th of Jun, 2018

    *** DO NOT SUBMIT your fresh complaint below the other complaint ****
    In order to submit a legal claim on your behalf for the compensation, kindly send
    1) e-ticket
    2) boarding pass, if you have it
    3) your above text
    4) name, city, email, mobile phone for SMS/evening contact
    5) additinal documents can be requested in additiona
    e-mail: aryan(at)
    substitute antispam protection @=(at)

    We provide a legal assistance for a small charge:-
    1) USD10-35 against invoice before the handling of complaint, by card
    2) charges of the bank

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    e-mail: aryan(at)
    where in order to submit a legal claim on your behalf for the compensation, kindly send
    1) e-ticket
    2) boarding pass DPS Bali- Doha
    3) the receipt for USD250, if it is issued by the Qatar airways
    4) your above text
    5) name, city, email, mobile phone for SMS/evening contact
    6) additinal document can be requered
    e-mail: aryan(at)
    air.irregulations(at), @=(at)

    1) USD10 against invoice before the complaint, by card
    2) 15+ % of the debt (compensation) after the refund is issued
    3) charges of the bank

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    e-mail: aryan(at)
    substitute @=(at)

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