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Sprint Wireless / correcting a billing mistake!

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I switched from Nextel to Sprint in February 2008. First of all, the incompetent guy at the local Sprint store closed my Nextel account BEFORE getting my number ported over. He tried porting it over, but then after he somehow closed my Nextel account, he kept getting an error. The store manager assured me it would be fixed promptly, as they had submitted a ticket to the Sprint people to fix it.

Well, it took about a week until they got it straightened out. Then in March I got charged $227.73 for an early termination fee (from Nextel). I had been enrolled in auto-pay, so it got charged to my credit card. Of course, I called Sprint, and they said I had to call Nextel. So I called Nextel and explained what happened. They said they couldn't issue a credit (it had been 11 days) and I would have to dispute the transaction with the credit card company. Nextel did agree that I had been erroneously charged.

The credit card company said I couldn't dispute it until after 30 days, so I went back to Nextel. I called Nextel for the second time, explaining the whole thing yet again. I got transferred to account services so they could credit my account, and they hung up before I even got to talk to them. So, I called back a third time. Explained the whole thing AGAIN. The lady transferred me to account services and I had to explain it a fourth time. Then she tried to say I didn't have an early termination fee on my account. So I had to tell her it was the "old" account with Nextel, not the new one with Sprint. Finally she agree and said they would call in 3-5 business days and I gave them my home number. Well, about 10 days later they called my cell phone but didn't leave a message.

I called them back and spoke with "Ann" who didn't understand a word of the English I was saying. While she put me on hold to research it, I got another call on my cell phone with an automated message telling me I should receive a check for $227.73. I tried to tell "Ann", but she didn't understand what I was saying. She just kept telling me that I didn't have any early termination fees on my account.

So I got the check and deposited it on April 29. On May 5, they sent out a collection letter for $227.73.

This time I was really irritated. The number to call was the finance department. The person actually spoke English! She was very nice. I briefly explained what happened, and she put me on hold for two minutes. What happened was they issued the credit but never took the charge off my account! So she had account services fix it because they could see I switched from Nextel to Sprint (why wasn't it that simple when I talked with account services?).

That night I got an automated call from Sprint that if we didn't make a payment that day, they would shut off the phone (ok, shut off my Nextel phone... go ahead and try!). So I called the finance people again, and they said it was adjusted and to disregard the message.

That was 5 days ago. Hopefully this is over now. It took from March 28 to May 12 and about 6 phone calls to get it all straightened out.

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