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Sprint / overcharge and wont refund

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I have been a Sprint customer for nearly 4 years. My trouble started in December when I attempted to activate an old phone of mine that I had recovered after being stolen. It took over 3 weeks to finally get the situation of the phone's activation resolved which entailed being lied to, being hung up on, and spending numerous hours on the telephone. As a "make-do offering" for all the trouble and frustration I was put through, I was promised $10 off of my monthly statement for the next 12 months. I accepted the gesture and agreed not to terminate my account at that time. After a few months, I had called and asked for more information on the Simply Everything plan and was told that my employee discount AND my $10 credit would apply towards the plan. After two billing cycles and two long phone calls, I was informed that I had been lied to AGAIN by a Sprint representative and that neither my discount nor my $10 credit applied toward the plan. After I told the representative to switch me back to my old plan, I was told that the $10 credit that I was offered for not canceling my account was "no longer an option that they do." To help make up for this, the representative was able to offer me a $7 discount off of my $15 unlimited messaging plan, so I accepted and did not make an issue of the $3 difference. Since I have the sprint-nextel power source phone I had the walkie-talkie service as well. When the representative changed my plan off of the simply everything, back to my original plan, s/he made a mistake and did not add the walkie-talkie service but was still charged me for it. When I contacted Sprint last week, (July 1, 2008) for a non-related issue, the representative I was dealing with noticed all the mistakes and was giving me a credit for $20 for not being able to use my walkie-talkie for the two months. As we were disconnecting, the representative informed me that my balance due was $200+. I was charged over $150 for text message overages. My plan has always, for almost 4 years now, included unlimited text messages, so I have no idea how to even begin understanding being charged that much money for an Overage when I have unlimited of it. The worst part of the situation was that Sprint had already withdrawn the money from my account and when I contacted them for the refund I was on the phone for 32 minutes and was informed that I could not get the money directly back to my account, that I have to wait 24-48 hours for the request to be processed and then another "10-15" to get the check in the mail. When I asked what "10-15" meant she said "days" and I asked if that meant calendar days or business days and she had no idea. When I told her to just forget the whole thing, because if you think about it by the time I get the check in the mail, and deposit it into my account and wait for it to clear, they've already taken out next months bill! She said "OK" and put me on hold for 10 more minutes and then just hung up on me. I called back again to speak to a customer care specialist or the complaint department, was transferred a total of 7 times and then the 8th time is when I was transferred to a line that was no longer in service and hung up on again. I called back a third time. This time, I asked to speak with the consumer affairs department immediately. I was transferred to a very nice girl who actually seemed to want to help the situation. She told me she could get in touch with some kind of supervisor in the financial department. After being on hold for an extensive period, she brought on a young gentleman who said the exact same thing that everyone else said which made me believe he wasn't a supervisor at all, but just the only person she could find to deal with me. This time he was very short and abrupt and said "we submit the request and if its approved you get a check in 15-30 days." I said absolutely not and asked to be transferred to the cancellation department. This time the gentleman put me on hold to "research the issue" and after being on hold for another long period of time came back and reported the same procedure for getting a refund back. This time, he said the ETA would be 14 business days. I simply cannot understand how sprint can so easily withdraw money from my account, money which i add they were NOT supposed to take since they were erroneous charges, but I have to wait almost 3 weeks to get my money back? I told the gentleman I just wanted to cancel the contract and he immediately brought up the termination fee to which I told him, if you expect to hold me to a contract you are required to provide me with the bare minimum decency of customer service which you have failed to do, thus nullifying any obligation to remain a customer of yours. He attempted to put me on hold again but I told him I didn't have time and he said he would call me back in 10-15 minutes after he did "more research" as if the 20 minutes before while I waited on hold weren't enough. 6 Hours have gone by and he has not called yet.

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      30th of Nov, 2008
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    I have been with Sprint since March of 2002. Up until about February 2008, things with Sprint were more of less okay. I have four voice lines with Sprint and a data line.

    Suddenly, I am finding that my one year contract has mysteriously turned into a two year contract. How, I have no idea. Sprint refuses to send documentation or justify charges.

    Sprint billed me for "equipment protection" for a non-existent handset for months. I called to try to cancel the insurance billing. As you may know, insurance coverage is one of their most profitable products.

    After several attempts to cancel the coverage, finally on September 26, 2008, I was informed it has been canceled and that a retroactive credit would issue.

    The credit never issued. I was subsequently informed by the retention department that Sprint does honor claims which do not arise within 60 days. I was told by a retention customer service rep that I " just want to live a carefree existence" and not review my bill.

    This sent me to the moon. This ### says this after I called incessantly after reviewing my bill. And, he has the nerve to tell me they can credit the amount, but they really can't do it.

    It was never credited.

    The $15 unlimited texting was further misrepresented. They quoted $15 and charge $20 per month. When I inquired, they said they never had a $15 per month plan.

    The bottom line is that (1) Sprint's practices are statutorily illegal but (2) they don't care because they make huge political contributions to the watchdogs.

    There is a major attorney in Los Angeles with whom I've been in contact with respect to this situation. You've all probably seen him a ton of times on TV, but I don't want to drop names here. His firm is exploring a class action against Sprint. I hope that a right to rescind contracts is made part of it.

    As for me, I just want to be done with them. There is no reason I should have to do business with an entity that engages in stealing from its customers.

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