Sprintservice/ payment

I was notified that I needed to pay my cellular service bill. The following day, I made 7 attempts to make this payment which I was then told because I made too many attempts that I would not be able to make the payment using my credit card until 24 hours later or use a different method of payment.

The first 5 attempts made were via telephonically, the next one was with a representative which the call dropped and the last one was in the sprint store which after making my way all the way to the store I was told that there was an over payment on my account but when the rep in the store called customer service I was told that none of the payments went through and that she would run it. She ran my credit card and I was told that there were too many attempts made and I would have to wait until the mean time, my service has been suspended. Now I have to wait for their system to clear in order to pay my bill which takes 24 hours.

May 01, 2017

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