Sprint PCSsprint is a scam!

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I've read the message people wrote about sprint (i'm gonna be very polite in description) dishonest lousy business.

I am a victim my self for over as happened in 2003. Ended up with unauthorized charges for calls that i did not make. I fought the same way with them i even reported them to FCC and the attorney general. The whole point is that they do not move on a small claim small fish like I am.
BUT! I am bringing people together for a class action lawsuit and i think we will kick their butt they will pay dearly for ripping good people off.There is a consumer law about fraudulent business practices.

My confidence is coming from the fact that i have been studying and researching on my own for the big "rain" to come down on them. And it will if we file a joint complaint amongst others whom i also will write and you will get you money back and plus damages and plus what the law allows.
I am not an attorney nor looking for business other than take them to court and get mine and others money back.


  • Ive had this service for almost a mo. Ive bn lied to all the way arond! I guess i shldve staydcw/cricket i went to Sprint to get away from discrimination. Twrds me being on dIsablity&having 1eye mind u! But still am treated the but the want 3x's my $ a mo. For service & my daughter had her kindle n the store they promisd it was all included in my plan oh no, no hotpot here olny if i want 2shell out more $ Ridiculous... she is s upset then ive tt Sprint 3x's since 1st wk of july was promised free hotspot deice& lifeline cedit i have yet 2get pprwrk or hotspot! Tt another rep on 22, was told if i wasnt contactd by 25th which they were gona disconnect me! Got it on june 28th was pomised wldnt have 2pay til 3rd dah! Thats my payay. I swear thought i did the rte thing by switching. Cricket was only 43$now y wld i do that wth was i thinking thought was helpn me&family guess not! S.P.

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