Sprint / free ipad promotion

Upgraded plan may 2016. Were informed that our plan/account eligible for 2 free ipads and only responsible for the data plan. We accepted the offer. For 10 months our payments were consistent with payments agreed the 11 month, the bill included back payments for the ipads. Sprint could not explain why previous bills (10 invoices) were consistent with my understanding of the terms and why the 11th invoice included a charge for the ipads. They indicated that I had signed a lease. I was told by the sprint representative that the ipads were free. They could not explain why there was not a charge for 10 months. Sprint representatives indicated that I needed to talk to the store. I indicated that the store did not change my billing. Asked sprint what, why, and when did they change my billing. The representative said she could not find information in their system to note the change. She offer to reduce my plan to cover the cost of the ipads. No go for me. She said she would call back. Have not heard back. Is it the fca and bbb that I complain to?

Mar 25, 2017

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