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Sprint / customer upgrades

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Sprint treats Loyal Existing Customers poorly compared to New Customers.

I am in the process of looking at renewing our service with Sprint. We are also eligible to upgrade our phones however after looking at upgrading our phones I discovered that Sprint offers its NEW customers special pricing for phones but does not offer its existing loyal customers the SAME pricing on phones. I asked them to Match the price since I would hope they would treat loyal customers with at least the same level of respect.

Said said they will not match their new customer price for phones for my renewal upgrades and basically told me to live with it or leave.

So buyer beware. If you switch to their better pricing and want to renew and upgrade phones later, plan on paying more as a loyal customer than if you were a new customer.

Being loyal apparently does have it price.

I know it sounds like I am whining but apparently Sprint values new customers more than existing customers. BUT if you are a new customer to them you get special rates, special deals. And when it comes time to renewing or upgrading your phones they won't match the new customer prices.

They said my rate which is discounted does not have a retention department so right now Sprint is holding strong with their take it or leave us attitude. One thing they said is if I leave that I cannot get the special rate for my service anymore. So I logged on and checked and YES someone CAN get the same special monthly rate I am paying, plus the phones will be at the lower new customer rate, plus no activation charges. The catch is they have to be a new Customer and if I leave, Sprint knows I can't sign up again as a new customer.

This is where they get you in a corner and know they can have the take it or leave it attitude.

Let me give you an example:

As of this morning the pricing for the phones we want to upgrade to (NOTE I have 5 phones on my family plan) are:

Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB - $0 (for new customer or someone signing up new for the plan I am on), $99 my renewal upgrade price.

LG Mach - $0 (for new customer or someone signing up new for the plan I am on), $49 my renewal upgrade price.

Iphone 4S preowned - 32GB - $49 (for new customer or someone signing up new for the plan I am on), $149 my renewal upgrade price.

So much for customer loyalty and being a good customer. They give benefits and perks to New Customers but not to customers who pay on time, want to be loyal, and want to renew and upgrade. I just want to make you aware of this should you be considering to switch to Sprint.

They will wine and dine you to get you but will not have the same respect for you when it comes time to renew or upgrade.

Apr 13, 2013

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