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Sprint / overcharge, harassment, false promises!

1 Compton, CA, United States Review updated:

Well, I'm one of the few persons who could make my life without a cellular phone. I think that one of those are like a collar around my neck. Anyway, 6 years ago I enlisted in the Army and obviously my NCO insisted that I 'needed' a cell phone, so he could know where I was at any particular time. So, probably like everyone else I headed for the closest mall, in this case Newport News, VA. At this time I fell in the spiderweb of Radio Shack and that's where my nightmare with Sprint started. Except for the non-signal inside my barracks room, whenever my NCO or someone else from back home used to call me I had to get out and almost cross the street to get a signal bar, everything was fine.

Well, I got orders to go to Europe. And according to their contract I was able to void the contract with a copy of my orders, yeah right! Well, they told me there was no problem, so I left. During my 3 1/2 years in Germany, my day back in L.A. told me he was constantly harassed by the Sprint people who wanted to charge. And then, collection people started to being more rude. Eventually, my dad had to buy a answering machine with I.D. caller.

Last January I came back from my european tour and my friend takes me to seek for a cell. He tells me Sprint has a deal 20% discount for United Airlines employees. So here I go again. They could not give me the phone that I wanted because I had a outstanding payment for $102. I do not know what I was thinking, but I paid hoping later I was going to be able to fix this problem. I had to wait like a week in order to get the phone that I wanted, so they give me a temporal until the following week.

Next week came and I went back to get my phone. So I spent $160 on the new phone with a $40 rebate which as today I'm still waiting for. So I don't know what mumbo-jumbo they did on the computer. After an hour I left with my new cell thinking that was it. But wait! Since I was back in the states I checked my credit report. Well I have a negative item from Sprint PCS that according to the creditor's was: legally paid in full for less than full balance. So I just realized that I have paid in full for something that I did not know and was paid already. Now I inquire about this with their customer service but my old cell# is being used by someone else and they do not have anything on the old account number. So my payment went to who knows...

Anyway, one month later I received 2 first time bills, they are different in size but both of them are Sprint, obviously with two different accounts and amounts due. So I went back to the same store I bought my cell and they told me I had to pay only the one with lesser amount. I said fine and paid that one. Two weeks later I received a notice for the difference between the bills, so what the heck? I went back to the store and they guy says that the bill that I paid belongs to the cell I have which is a Nextel and the difference they are charging me know belongs to the temporal one which is a Sprint... So, I thought all the freaking phones were Sprint. (You might be asking yourselves why I didn't call customer service instead, well, when I called someone from south of the border answered and really try to fix the problem, but they were unable to understand my problem; and I was speaking in spanish to them too...).

Now I received my second bill without my United Airlines employee discount because my phone is not 'Sprint' but Nextel. I'm still waiting for my $40 rebate and waiting for another surprise in my next bill.
I'm really surprise of all the changes happened in this time that I was out of the country. Companies buying, merging, etc. with another ones. This sh*&% does not happened in Europe. The companies like T-mobile, O2, Vodaphone, etc are more professional than the Americans, sorry! Now I'm stuck with Sprint again for the next 2 years. I definitely won't recommend this company.

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  • Ja
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    call customer care and use your ssn to get access to your old account. it may be in the old billing system. your work discount has to be verified by your employer and takes up to two to three bills to become active.

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