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Sprint / dishonesty

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I know exactly what you are going through, I had a similar problem with the monthly billing and drop calls. Each month I called to fix the problems and I just became irritated for not being able to be understood and understand the cs. However, there is a clause on your contract about the 15 days policy "if you are not happy you can cancel it" Check your contract for that, but even if that is the case they will try to rip you off.

In February of 2005 I had a few months until our contract with Sprint was going to expire when I received a letter from Sprint telling me that they were so proud of their service that they would give people a chance to cancel their contract without a penalty fee. Since I was so frustrated with their overall service, I canceled. Well, my problems got worse. I was sent bills after bills charging me the early cancellation fee, I called Sprint each month for about 3 months, then I received a collection notice. Needles to say, the collection agency and Sprint denied ever sending me that letter. I kept the letter and told them that I would take it to the news if they did not remove my name from the collection agency and they told me to produce the letter. I had moved to another state and the letter was in storage, we had to spend money to go retrieve it, since the storage was about 5 hours away. We took time from work, so miss time and pay plus the gas, food, and even lodging. No one at Sprint is willing to pay for the time and money spent, but I just wrote to the new CEO Dan Hesse ( I am hopping for a happy resolution, but will see. During the retrieval of the letter, which I still have, a chair fell on my shoulder and breast. Just today I purchased a hot and cold pack for my shoulder, the doctor just told me Wednesday that I have tendinitis and I have pain on my breast too. I wrote to Sprint, they sent me a check for about $200.+ which I never cashed, because the very cost to retrieve the letter they sent and denied sending was over $2, 000.00. I hope this new CEO can work out this problem, because I am almost sure that more people in Colorado, Utah and maybe Arizona received this letter and perhaps they went through the same thing.

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  • Bo
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    Some 8 years ago, I added my daughter to my phone plan. Subsequent to my adding her, she added three other lines in my name. Sprint permitted her to get the lines and she paid for them and the services. Because of some finanicial difficulties, she could no longer pay the bill. On December 9, the bill was to be sent to collections. On that date I decided that I didn't want my credit to be affected so I decided to pay the bill.

    My daughter called the company and spoke with Crystal, (a sprint rep. ) and made arrangements to pay $644.75 on the account and and within 7 days she was to reactivate phones rather than to pay the $800.00 in early cancellation fees, in that we would be able to terminate the plan in approximately 3 months. She then transferred us to Jesse in the finance department. Upon telling Jesse what Crystal had told us, he informed us that the amount that we needed to pay was $801.67 instead of the $644.75. We agreed to the terms and gave him my Mastercard number and we were given a confirmation number.

    Approximately a week later, a representative called and said that my payment had been rejected. She said that she didn't know why, however, when she looked at her paperwork she found that Jesse had not recorded the security code. I gave her the security code and she assured me that if anything else happened, she was making a note for me to be called immediately. She gave me the same confirmation number that Jesse had given me and I mentioned that to her. She said that it was okay. That same day, the fraud department called to check on the activity on my account because of the unusual transactions. I informed them that I had made the transactions.

    After about a week, my daughter called to reactivate the phones and was told by representative Ruby that the money had not been posted to our account. She said that she would investigate and gave me a case number. She informed me that she would contact me in 7 to 10 working days.

    On today, January 4, 2008, I was called by a collection agent who was very rude, course and condescending. She informed me that I owed over $1,400.00 and how was I going to pay it. I tried to explain to her the disposition of the case. Of course, all she was interested in was collecting the money and told me that she was going to keep calling until I paid the money.

    I, subsequently, called Sprint to try to make some sense of what was happening because I was under the impression that all was well. I spoke with a representative who said her name was Anne. It was very difficult for us to communicate because of the language barrier. She was polite and tried to be helpful but it was impossible for us to communicate effectively. She kept trying to tell me to fax my bank statement. I asked for a supervisor and she said that she was referring me to her supervisor, Mark. When I spoke with whoever was suppose to be Mark, the supervisor, he inattentively listened to my explanation. I could tell that he was not listening because when I finished, I had to call him 3 times and his response was "I'm here". He informed me that there was no record of payment, no record of a confirmation number that had been given to me but "one that I said that I had been given" (implying that I was lying about the number that was given to me). He further informed me that the confirmation number was not a number used by them (again implying that I was lying) and there was nothing he could do for me. At the close of the conversation (which was not a conversation at all because I spoke and he responded only to intimate that I was lying and there was nothing that he could do for me), I asked his name. He told me that his name was Doug. I asked, ' Doug what'? He told me that he was not permitted to give out his last name but that his I.D. # is 3248. I somehow don't believe that because representative Anne told me that I was going to speak with a person by the name of Mark. Obviously, someone is lying. But why lie to a customer---a long-time customer who has 2 accounts with the company.

    By this time, I was furious! I called the sprint account and spoke with a gentleman. I asked if he could look at his records he had for me and give me the confirmation number. I asked him if the security code was recorded and he told me he saw no mention of a security code nor a confirmation number. I asked him if the account ended in specific digits, he gave me the account number of someone and my old bank account number and another credit card that I had used at some earlier point. So, I now have someone else account number and I'm wondering if they have mine. I also have concluded that someone at sprint dropped the ball by not completing the transaction and I am now going to have to be the scapegoat! I can't see why I must be penalized for an error on sprint's part.

    I want to clear this matter up. What should I do? I am at a loss.

  • Ja
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    contact care and as them to research the credit card number in the payments system, if a real sprint rep took the payment (becareful of fradulent mock companies set up to steal your identity) they will find it and have it transferred to your account

  • Ca
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    Basically what I gathered out of this story is that you're braindead. You got a mistaken charge which wasn't appearing on their end, lost the letter to prove it in a storage facility instead of keeping it in your purse or somewhere you could get to it, supposedly spent $2000 to go get it just to prove you didn't owe $200 (which just proves your stupidity right there), then blamed Sprint that you were stupid enough to leave it there then hurt yourself and expect compensation for that too, then even without records they send you $200 to make up for the mistake they still can't prove, all the while saying you never owed it even though you got one letter saying you did and more than likely never saw one after because it was autoprinted by the system.

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