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I went into the store in the beginning of October to do an upgrade to my cell phone. I had the apple bundle on my account with my iPad. I was never informed when I did my upgrade that the apple bundle was being taken off. My bill I just paid went up $50.00 all because my apple bundle was taken off and they put my iPad line on a plan. I was paying $30.00 for the iPad now I'm paying an extra $30.00 for a plan. They are trying to now credit me for the next 3 months and I told them I want my apple bundle to be put back on my account and they are now telling me they can't. I called three weeks beginning of November and they advised me to go into the store and to have them reapply my apple bundle and that it was taken off and now I have to pay for a plan for my iPad. I go into the store on 11/5/16 and they tell me they can't and has to email someone in costumer service to put it back on. They said it should be taken care of. I emailed the gentleman that next week to find out the response and never heard back from them. I called on Friday 11/18/16 to find out what was going on to find out that they cannot apply it back to my account. I was never informed and I told them that if I was aware of this I would have taken my business else where because I was not satisfied with the service I've been receiving. They told me I had 14 days and that it was too late to turn my phone back and if I did I would have to pay off my lease of over $700.

Nov 20, 2016

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