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Sprint / Cell Phone / surcharges (regulatory programs fee)

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To all sprint customers or cell phone users. Does anyone know what surcharges or commonly known by other companies as regulatory programs fee are? Better yet, does anyone know how to calculate them? It is intriguing that the only explanation sprint customer service came up with was, and I quote, "these fees are to help cover the cost related to funding and complying with government mandates, programs and obligations. " i'm pretty sure sprint pay a lot of money to a very prestigious law firm to come up with that statement. What this statement really means is, "we (Sprint) spend serious amounts of money on the government, so we (Sprint) can charge you whatever the hell we (Sprint) want, and there is nothing you can do about it". This charges just prove how vulnerable cell-phone users are in this country. I remember asking a sprint customer service representative if they could kindly remove the charges, because "they are not mandatory for you to pay" at least that what it says on the phone bill, however, the reality is that you have to pay them, whether you like it or not; otherwise they will interrupt your service. What an irony. Two things get my blood boiling regarding this matter, first, i'm paying for something that is not mandatory to pay, and second, I do not know how to make sure i'm not being overcharge. This is like asking someone to write me a check and sign it but not having an amount on it. It's a scam what phone companies do, and will continue to do so, unless us the consumers get together on this issue. Amen

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  • Di
      15th of Jun, 2011
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    I am tired of paying $10 a month for a smart phone that isn't smart or it would get 4G like they advertise! I bought a 4G phone to get 3G every single place I go! Yes, I have put the phone on 4G mode and it only runs down the battery by constantly looking for something that ISN'T THERE! Can we say false advertising. Then you go into the store to buy a EVO to go with your new service. They give you a Samsung EPIC and promise as soon as they get the EVO they will switch you over to it. That never happened in the 30 days prior to being able to cancel or since. As for service it is very spotty, with dropped calls or no service at all even if the map says it gets service in your area...DON'T COUNT ON IT! They advertise a plan for everything for $69. Thats a lie! They don't tell you about the all the stuff they tack on which sends the bill for me with two lines up over $200 a month which is more than I would have paid if I would have stayed where I was. Don't let the we will pay you to switch companies and the advertisements for the EVO and 4G which are misleading and false! As soon as I can jump ship! I am GONE!!! This needs to stop with Sprint! FALSE ADVERTISING!

  • Mr
      4th of Dec, 2011
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    Sprint sur charges are a license to steal from every consumer who uses their service. When my service agreement ends I plan to leave Sprint.

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