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Sprint / dropped calls problem

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I have been having trouble with dropped call constantly with Sprint and when i report them to their tech support they always say my phone needs an update. I said my phone needs updated twice in one week? They don't seem to have an answer. They tell me to take the battery out count to ten put the battery back in. It still drops calls. They tell me to switch it to roaming... I said " i'm not paying roaming charges" they say no you have free roaming. Yeah i bet i do... another way for them to rob me. Anyhow, as i've told them and told them, i am dropping about 80% of the calls i make. That's ridiculous! So i call tech support after another dropped call Aug.1 at 10:30PM i am on hold for over 20 minutes.

I tell the tech about all my dropped calls and that my service is terrible i'm sick of it i want my service terminated. She put me on hold and she either hung up on me or again sprint drops another call her name was Sanya, so, i call again now I'm talking to Shaun he's listening to my complaint next thing i know silence. another dropped call? so, i call again this time i talk to someone in accounting who's name i did not get. Surprise that call drops too... I call again this time i talk to Nathan he also very friendly tells me i need to speak to accounting he transfers me to another line... i wait another 25 minutes. Then Katy comes on the line she is very nice but not as good as a liar as the others. She tells me that accounting is closed i need to call back tomorrow. I said really what time is accounting in she stumbles a bit and then says from 7am to 10:30 PM so i said oh when i talked to the guy in accounting at 11pm he was just working overtime... um umm ummmm... yeah maybe he was working overtime... i said i think you guys just don't want to deal with me. She says let me see if anyone is in accounting... On the phone comes Bryan... from accounting... hmmm i guess he's pullin' a late night huh? i tell him my plight he tells me he will terminate my service. I said i am not paying the $300.00 early termination fee either as i gave them every opportunity to fix my service i pay my bill on time every month and this is how they treat me? Then i sent an e-mail just to make sure they know about the termination and me not paying the termination fee. Attached is the e-mail i sent them and their reply to me and then my reply back again of which i haven't gotten a response yet.

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  • Ca
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    She probably stumbed with the hours of accounting because she more than likely was in a different time zone. Call centres are located all over the world, so she might have been trying to make out when it would be closed for you. When you questioned her about talking to the guy at 11pm, she probably became unsettled because she thought you might be thinking she's a liar now, or annoyed with her, whichever the case may be. Then she checks for you and realized she didn't get the time correct and switches you to the accounts rep.

    Sometimes drops call occur because, even though companies offer an extended area of coverage, it's impossible to cover everywhere. Unfortunately this makes some companies look worse than others in certain locations. There are also other factors such as the high buildings of NewYork and tall trees in rural areas which can block of signals depending on where the tower is located (this is why some companies work in areas that others don't). If you were on the phone that had the excessive call dropping that's probably why it seemed like everyone hung up on you. You can terminate your service without fee in a situation like this by confirming it with the phone company and switching companies.

  • Da
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    I fixed my sprint dropped calls I had to get a land line.
    When I bought the phone I looked @ sprints service map and it said "good to excellent" in the orchard..yeah I live next to one & that should of told me something... like you're a bunch of %$^@ I even went to that area in the orchard that denotes good to excellent service uhhh 1 bar 2 @ the most! my bars look something like an equalizer up down service no service tried switching to no roaming/roaming it doesn't help!
    When I called sprint customer unservice I asked where is the nearest tower..they have No idea.What about the dropped calls? i ask. they woman on the other end said "yeah they've had some complaints in this area.Well Do Something About it!Yeah I've been told to pull the battery out upgrade my firmware it doesn't work..just like sprint.
    My business depends on doing service for other people but I cant depend on sprint to get the job done.My customers need to get in touch w/ me not a dropped call @ my house, if they do they go somewhere else...just like I have too...verizon here I come
    I'll pay the early termination fee to get better service.
    As for getting your phone fixed good luck, I went out of town & my screens went out the morning of my flight, I figured I'd get a new phone when I got to where I was going. The service dept.109 S New Road Waco Texas told me "yup its broken" (as it was in a box all apart)can ya wait until you get home to have it fixed?If the "manager" there would of spent more time helping customers instead of surfing the net, something Might get done.Thanks you bunch of idiots, That kind of service is what is driving Sprint down.
    Why should I be loyal to a company that really doesn't care about the business they are in?
    Would we pay for something that kinda works or something That Does work when we need it(hope you don't need emergency services like 911)
    oops dropped call
    Sprint has no one to blame but itself & greed

  • No
      24th of Oct, 2012
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    I am in a similar situation, been having drop calls all day ! I have 4 lines with them and for several months now it's been a nightmare! spoke to loyalty department and all they can offer me is 15 dollars credit, I said are you kidding Me? I told them I use my phone for work, and my wife for her Real Estate business throughout the day and that's all they can do for us. Same excuse regarding their towers, and they have no set date on when they will be done. So I told them i'd rather cancel my service, she replied that if iI cancel I will have to pay over a thousand dollars for cancellation fee for all 4 lines, I told her that why should I pay for something they cant fix and it's been going on for months now, I've been paying them always on time since 2003, and this how they treat their customers, I'm done with Sprint and will spread the word, not that they don't know already how horrible Sprint service is, bottom line is I'm not asking any favors from Sprint, all I want is be fair !!!

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