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Sprint / do not go with sprint - they are a joke!

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I have recently signed a 2 year contract with sprint... It was very easy to reach sales... Once I signed up, there was no reaching anybody... I just called "customer care" and was told that my wait would be 20 minutes! I waited 2 nights ago for half an hour.

Do not go with sprint!!! They are a joke.

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  • Ta
      13th of Aug, 2007
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    I'm still on the phone with Sprint... it's been over 2 hours... well, to be fair, there was a 33 minute call this morning... who needs coffee... rage works better. Now I have been transferred to 4 people who say that they have fixed the problem... DON'T TAKE THE FREE PHONE... that credit will foul you for the rest of your life(or at least cause the phone to get disconnected every other day for a week.

    No one at sprint checks their notes... each call wastes 20 minutes on hold before you get to waste another 5 minutes verifying your account with someone who can't even help you... then it's a 5-10 minute wait for a manager... woo hoo... love that M Bolton playing... what switch it up to Kenny G...

    I have 10 hours 43 minutes since I was switched to Sprint from Nextel lats Tuesday (I switched due to poor customer service with Nextel... Ironic?)

    Now I'm on hold... pondering the possibility of a class action lawsuit with Sprint... any takers... let me know... It's now 4:52... been on this call for 2 hours and 12 min... today's total is now 2 hours and 45 min exactly... woo hoo again...

    Now, Jay with sprint... customer retention manager... has given me a 10% discount over the next 2 years and a $10 monthly credit... thats a savings of 660 per year... who cares when you can't use the phone... and my bill is still 147.50 with the discount...

    Oh but wait... I no longer have 4000 min... I I have 3000 for the same price... lets see what Jay will do to save the day..

    BTW... it's now 5:26pm(pacific). 3 hours 18 min...and counting. So now Jay has assured me that there will be no more problems with the account... Tune in next time for "Hold4... the lack of productivity" Guest stars will be Sprint... combined with nextel...

    A closing thought though... if all of their 50 million customers had my problem... the world would loose 575,000,000 work hours per week... thats 34.5 billion minutes per week... it's a thinker!!

  • Sp
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    Class Action Lawsuit for Authorized Dealers Against Sprint/Nextel

    I am one of the most well-known wireless leaders in Northern California providing wireless solutions for corporate accounts. The difference between my company and everyone else is my exceptional vision and leadership especially on the B2B side. Without sacrificing quality, integrity, and customer service, my abilities have gained me the knowledge and expertise to win numerous awards including top seller award for Northern California from a variety of wireless carriers. Having said that, I was approached by Nextel in 2002 to become one of their B2B Authorized Representatives as a result of my success from previous years. With my exceeding success through the B2B channel, Nextel approached me to do a joint venture on launching new retail locations in the Northern California market since there was no strong retail presence. With knowledge, experience, and expertise I put together one of the most dynamic teams of highly motivated and well qualified communication consultants. In 2003, my ex-colleague and dear friend was invited to join in this new vision. I launched eight locations in Northern California and I was invited to launch new locations in Arizona, Colorado, and Minnesota. In 2005, when the merger with Sprint occurred, the new management team: Mark Sadighian, Paul Harris, and Dennis McSweeney no longer shared the vision that Nextel had with my company. At the same time I found out that my partner was embezzling money and started a new wireless company with another carrier. When I approached Mark Sadighian with my new found news, the advise that I received was to separate our partnership and for me to start a new company under a new name. I was granted an exclusive dealer contract with Sprint/Nextel and their service center. Two months into my new company, I submitted six new retail locations that were denied to me for expansion, but at the same time were handed to someone else. Sprint/Nextel set me up for failure, after I invested hundred of thousands of dollars into the new company. Sprint/Nextel decided at that point not to support me in my visions, ideas, and ventures. As a result, I am seeking other dealers that have had a similar experience as me for a class action lawsuit. Before I posted my story online, I requested the immediate assistance from the CEO of Sprint, Daniel Hesse. He never responded to any of my emails, and at this point left me with no choice, but to put together a class action lawsuit for Authorized Dealers. I will not stop until my losses are compensated. If you are interested in contacting me with any questions, concerns, or to assist me in participating in this class action lawsuit please email me at: or visit

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