Sprint / bogo promotion... false advertisements...

I being on mobile for a while, decide to switch to sprint for the bogo cut in half promotion... Told them I only want it a line but offer me a free phone for the second line, so I took it... The first bill came more than what it should, second one higher, third month higher... Im on the six month and my bill its outreach... Call sprint and they told now after 6 months of contract they said they cant offer me bogo anymore, that's why my bill keep getting higher and the they cant give me the second phone for free anymore because that shouldn't happen... Affter 6 months of service!!! They just figured that one out???.. Seriously... They should a contact me while I was in the first month trial and told me that #... Instead they wait 6 months, a while and now want to stuff me with full price... You would a think after soo freaking long and being their fault, plus customer are always right since they bring the business to them, they would a fixed some way how the problem, since I repeat again its sprint fault for advertising something they cant keep... But not instead they want you to pay what they want or instead they put it on your credit thinking its funny or something to laugh about... To this point I am very pissed off... And still don't know how to fix this situation... So my recommendation to all of you... Please do not go to sprint for any reason, this company its a rip off and if you give them your info, you will be screw in a couple months, you would see it after your first 30 days... Solution for this issue... People need to stop going to sprint period, one person at a time, dont worry company will see the differents after a while... To the point it may close or be out off business, but people need to start running to sprint bc you just see one of their sound sweet deals the ain't even real.. Peace..

Mar 14, 2017

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