Spirit Airlinescanceled flight

In Feb of 2008 I purchased 3 round trip tickets and hotel reservations to Cancun Mexico on Spirit Airlines through Spirit Vacations. We were to depart Alantic City Airport at 7:10 am on Oct 21. At 2:10 am ( 2 hours before we were to be at the airport) I received a call from Spirit Airline saying our flight was canceled and we could not get other seats for 3 days. I asked to be put on another airline and was told they could not do that. The only thing they could do was cancel my air ticket or I could wait and get seats in 3 days. I explained that we had planned this trip for 7 months taking vacation and having someone stay at our house while we were gone. I was told oh well they could not do anything. We had also paid $100.00 for Spirits seat charge and $60.00 baggage fee RT
I went on line and found 3 tickets on Continental airlines for 9:00 am which we booked for more then $275.00 more then we paid on spirit.
After we arrived at Cancun we were told by the travel agent that we might not be on the return flight with spirit because we did not come down with them. Three days later the travel agent called me to the hotel lobby and told me that we in deed were not on the return flight. (we had already paid for these ticket in Feb) The Spirit Rep said we should buy new tickets and try and get the money when we got home.
We then booked tickets on Continental again for approx $275.00 more then the Spirit tickets. I then decided to get a written statement from the Spirit Rep. that we were removed from Spirits return flight. After I called the Spirit Rep. in Cancun and requested this letter I was put on hold for approx 5 min. when he came back on the line I was told that he had made a mistake and that we were on the return flight. We now had3 tickets on Continental and 3 tickets on Spirit all non refundable. We decided to take the Continental as it was a non stop as opposed to spirits 3 hour lay over in Fla.
After we got home I filed a claim with Spirit Vacations for the cost of the Continental tickets which cost us almost and extra $550.00 as we had purchased the trip cancelation insurance. Spirit responded that they would not pay us back as we were a no show even through they had canceled the flight. Finally Spirit did send us back the cost of there tickets plus the seat fee.
Spirit never sent the money back for the baggage fee.
I also sent a letter to the CEO of Spirit Airlines requesting the extra $550.00 that we had to pay on Continental but he refuses to respond. My next step will be to take the issue to the new media or small claims court. I am not looking for free tickets only the extra money I had to put out because of mistakes.

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