Spinnaker Resorts Branson MO / bait and switch/ misrepresentation

KS, United States

I would like to start by saying I am appalled by the lack of integrity and character my salesman (Garth) exercised to misrepresent what we were purchasing. My husband and I went into this skeptical and asked a lot of pointed questions. In the end this man flat out lied. I am going to list out examples of the things we were told, questions we asked, answers we received and then the truth that has since be revealed when we called into customer service.

For starters the entire sales speech centered around the new units being built. All the materials we viewed showed the new buildings and ground layout that were going to go up in 2013. We would be buying into the new units and we would get a $4, 000 discount on our purchase price for 2 reasons; 1 we wouldn't be able to use our 2 week stay in 2012, we would have to wait until 2013 to start our 2 week stay and 2 we wouldn't be able to take any of our mini-stays in the new buildings in 2012, we would have to wait until 2013 to use the buildings. We were getting a discount for buying in early and having to wait to use what we purchased.

We were told we couldn't tour our building because it was still under construction, what we were purchasing was so new that we couldn't even see a model, we would have to look at a prior built unit to get an idea of what it would be like. I now come to find out our actual building was built and view-able the whole time, as a matter of fact, the model we toured was what we bought into! But according to Garth, we were purchasing the new under construction units.

We were told we would have to pay our maintenance fees every other year because we were purchasing an odd year unit. Not once did we get told we could only use our 2 week stay on the odd years. We were sold a new unit that we could stay in 2 weeks a year and again the $4, 000 discount was because we were making the purchase before the building was built... that's why we couldn't take our 2 week vacation in our first year... nothing about how we could only do our 2 week vacation on the odd years.

As we went through the contract the 2013 year was brought up saying that is when we could start using our 2 week vacation because that's when the building would be ready. Again, nothing about how we would only be able to use it every odd year. My husband and I even joked in front of Garth about how we would need to start saving our vacation time so we could actually use 2 weeks a year on vacation. At that point Garth gave us the speech about how we could turn in one or two weeks each year and we would get a check in the mail. We could make money on our part of the deed so no worries. It would help us pay our loan off faster. We would just need to be sure to let the office know by April so our unit could go up as available for conventions and such. He also explained to us how if we couldn't vacation 2 weeks out of the year that this would be a great gift to give to a friend or family member to take our vacation time for the year. We would just have to make sure we paid the maintenance fees.

Now I have contacted Spinnaker twice via email. The first time someone from Sales called me and tried to resell me what I actually purchased. He just couldn't understand why I'm upset. The second email I generated after I was called to pay the annual fee I am now behind on because I chose not to pay it. In that email I revealed an analogy of how this would play out in a car purchase, I have heard nothing back. Analogy below:

You go to buy a new car, you decide to buy the model that isn't yet on the showroom floor... you get to "order" your new car. The salesman talks up all the new amenities that will be in the 2013 line, blue tooth, special floor mats, alloy wheels, stereo head unit built for all the latest tech geek gadgets. He's so excited about the new 2013 model that he even downplays the 2012, tells you how much better off you will be getting the 2013 model, after all it get's 40 mpg. So you are happy as can be. Salesman sweetens the deal, since you can't drive away in your car today he throws in a "discount" and reduces the purchase price by $4000.00. So after many questions and looking over the brochure of your 2013 model you decide to go ahead and make the purchase. You are shuffled into the Finance office were you go through a flurry of pages signing, dating, initialing, signing, dating, initialing... this goes on for many pages, clearly the man behind the desk has done this countless times before. Your done, you go home and you wait. 2 months later you get the call to come pick up your new car. You show up and walk right past it having no clue it's even yours. You're looking around for your car while you are waiting for the salesman to come greet you, only he never shows. Out comes another staff member to help you get acquainted with your new-to-you car. He's completely innocent in this... takes you over to your car, only, it's not what you ordered. It's the right make and model, but the wheels aren't alloy, they're plated chrome. The head unit has a CD deck without the MP3 jack. There's satellite radio but no blue tooth and the floor mats are basic. On the side of the door you see the MPG sticker and it say's 28 in town, 32 on the highway. Now, at this point you are beyond upset. You have signed a contract, given a down payment... (for the sake of my real situation) you have even been making monthly payments... in other words, you have kept your end of the deal. You start explaining to this new innocent staff member that this isn't the car you were sold. First thing the staff member say's to you is well you signed a contract, look right here it say's it's the XL, not the XLT model. Then he goes on to say look, see here were you initialed next to the 2012 date, to which you replied, yeah we made the purchase in December.. I thought that was why the date was there. So you start explaining the brochure the salesman showed you and the staff member replies, surely you were confused, why would we be showing you the model to a car that isn't even built yet... didn't you drive the 2012 model? To which you reply, well of course, that was all that was available for me to look at on your lot, but I was sold by your salesman the 2013 and that is what I agreed to buy.

Now, tell me you wouldn't be completely pissed by this experience and not want to do business with a company that A - employs a dishonest salesman (and backs him to boot) and B - continues to insult your memory and ability to comprehend when you bring this matter to their attention?

Mar 01, 2013

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