Rescheduling of flights by you which was booked for January 2015 and February 2015 vide PNR no.G78 SGJ, PNR SBJVGN and PNR NO.A8M7PT
I have made an agreement with you to fly in spice jet airlines and booked the following tickets which now after rescheduling the flights by you are not suitable to me as I can not take the onwards flight in spice jet to Amritsar because the arrival in Delhi from Kolkata is much later as the flight from Delhi to Amritsar leaves much earlier. The detail of booking and re scheduling is given here below;-
1. PNR G78 SGJ BOOKED THREE TICKETS IN THE NAME OF NARESH TUTEJA ASHA TUTEJA AND MEGHA KHANNA ON 30.09.2014 for travel on 30th Jan 2015 by SPICE JET FLIGHT SG 105 LEAVING KOLKATA AT 3.10 PM AND REACHING DELHI AT 5.30 PM. I ALSO BOOKED TWO TICKETS ON 2.9.2014 VIDE PNR- SBJVGN FOR Naresh Tuteja and Asha Tuteja from Delhi to Amritsar for 7 PM vide flight no. SG 2515. Now the flight to Amritsar can not be taken as your flight will leave much earlier from Delhi to Amritsar as compared to flight reaching Delhi to Kolkata. You have not informed me about the change in my schedule of my tickets and now I suggest and request you that I may be booked for 31st January 2015 from Delhi to Amritsar vide flight no SG-2515 Leaving Delhi 2.30 pm . The tickets are in the name of NARESH TUTEJA AND ASHA TUTEJA which were issued by you vide PNR NO. SBJVGN for 30th Jan2015 leaving at 7 pm
You are requested to issue the tickets under the revised schedule so that I can take the flights accordingly. The matter is very urgent and the action may please be taken at the earliest our email id is [protected]

Dec 24, 2014

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