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1 MN, United States

i bought a $20 calling card to south africa. it advertised 8.9 cents a minute and for $20 i was getting 232 minutes. i spoke for 56 minutes and then got disconnected. when i tried to use the card again, it said i had insufficient balance. i called speedypin support and they said they'll fix the problem. 30 minutes later, i tried the card again and it said i have $6 credit. say what???? i did the calculations and 56 minutes at 8.9 cents a minute is approximately $5. i called their customer support again and a lady said they'll fix it again. the next day, i tried the card again and it still said $6. i called their support for a 3rd time and spoke to a lady named Cecilia. she apologized and all that crap and said it's not right. they have a log that said i only used 56 minutes so she'll send the report to the techs to fix it. of course, today i tried the card again and it's at $7. so basically, i paid $20 to use $13 worth of minutes. what a great deal eh?

don't buy from them, don't trust them... as customers we need to make sure they stay out of business for ripping people off.


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