Speedway / cashier

Providence, RI, United States

Today at 2:30 when I went to the gas station on Manton Ave I was threatened by the cashier and then the comment was made that that's why she hates working at this Speedway store in the Niger neighborhood I am a 50 year old Christian woman on disability I did not appreciate being threatened by an employee my family and I have been using this Speedway since it was Hess. The manager in the other employees here know our family very well because we come here multiple times a day for gas and for you no groceries convenience and to be threatened by this lady today was unacceptable and I went to the Providence police station and I made a complaint I am still shaking and afraid to go back I'm going to let others in the community know what was said because there is a lot of blacks in our community and Spanish and for her to say that she's in a Niger neighborhood will not be tolerated thank you and I've never had a problem here before ever I wish the manager was there because I know she was this wouldn't have happened but it happened today on Sunday at around between 2 and 2:30 and the manager on Manton Ave I mean the cashier on Manton Ave had black hair and she was the only one working A short heavy-set woman thank you and have a blessed day I hope you handle it

Sep 17, 2017

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