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I used speed courier services to ship a parcel back to a supplier as the item was faulty. I bought the item using bid or buy and supplier was MR Frog. the item was faulty twice and I shipped it back twice. The second time I wanted a refund as I was not happy with the crappy product. I shipped it and a week later the item was missing from the box it was shipped in. I was not contacted. I paid 300 odd rand to ship a item that would have taken me 10min to deliver myself. the supplier would not let me deliver it. The post office bertsham in ormonde were very unhelpful and told me that the box was empty and that there is no claim form and that the item is under investigation. I still have not heard from them more than a week later. I have now lost the receipt for the parcel but have the tracking number. This is has happened many times apparently with this suppliers items and I was not informed. he has my money. Speed courier services has my money. It seems as it is an inside job if you ask me. why was I not informed of parcels going missing. I am not happy about this and I want my money refunded as it is alot of moneys worth of goods.

May 14, 2015

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