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In Oct 2013 I purchased two new lenses for my spectacles with scratch resistance coating from Specsavers Wrexham. Ten months later, the right-hand lens showed a severe scratch after normal cleaning. I had done nothing untoward and in all of my years of having spectacles I gave never seen such severe scratches happening so quickly. I took the spectacles in to Specsavers and they agreed that the scratch was due to product failure of the coating on the one lens and agreed to replace this. The employee who severed me on the day of collection was however quite adamant it was my fault.
Two months later the same ‘new’ lens under similar conditions failed again and a large scratch showed. Again, Specsavers agreed to replace this bit stated this time that it was not product failure and that they would not be replacing this should the problem recur again (even if still within their one year warranty period). The problem is clearly a product quality issue and I do not understand why Specsavers are not willing to take this up with the supplier (Pentax I think) and why they will not honour their warranty promise. Poor show is all I can say and I should not have taken this to Specsavers!

Jan 07, 2015
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  • Sa
      Mar 27, 2009
    Specsavers - Advert
    United Kingdom

    In there latest advert, it is set in America, in a police station where they state that the criminal was in Pasadena, where he was sold some glasses from Specsavers.
    I was not aware Specsavers were over in America, which makes their advert misleading.

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  • Sc
      Sep 17, 2013
    Specsavers - eye test & glassses
    England, Northamptonshire
    United Kingdom

    Amateurish eye test ., and technicians who don't seem to know their ### from their elbows'
    visiting Specsavers may be cheap but so is the service they provide

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  • Pa
      Jan 17, 2015

    I have had exactly the same problems with two sets of glasses I bought from specsavers. In over 30 years of wearing glasses, I have never had such a poor "scratch/wearing" problem, and I am VERY careful not to put my glasses down on the lenses. I think that speecsavers have downed their anti-scratch quality in order to save money. Surely, in 2014 (when I bought them), it was routine to toughen glasses sufficiently to avoid such scratching?

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  • Jn
      Aug 22, 2018

    Same situation here. Many tiny scratches after 3 months. Never happened to me before. The worker admitted that they had changed the quality of the coating (from factory) but still wanted me to pay 100 euros for replacing both lenses. I had to go back there many times and they were always assuming that I was in the wrong. The poor quality of the coating interfered with the quality of my vision. All in all it was a big waste of time to get them to take any responsibility for the problem. Both lenses end up being replaced but not before wasting more money with eye tests in order to prove that the problem was caused by the lenses. I'm afraid to go back to Specsavers again because I can see that even the new lenses are also degrading quite fast, so I really believe they may have downgrade their scratch protection coating in order to get people to replace lenses more often. No reasonable explanation was given about why the coating had changed.

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